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This is a record of thoughts freely received and shared with others so that more individuals can believe and have faith in the truth of their divine heritage to become spiritual Lighthouses - beacons of hope and faith - which shine light into this dark world and bring childlike laughter, fun, smiles, dance and the celebration of song back into our lives!! This record is all to the honor and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peace and God Bless! 119293!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gene Wzorek and I will be appearing on WJJG - Elmhurst/1530 - today between 5-6 pm. The subject of the interview will be "Death of the Justice System" - see below.

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This 729 page book - see below - is jammed-packed with eye-opening sourced evidence of judicial fraud, corruption and misconduct. Among the cases highlighted here is the groundbreaking case of Gene Wzorek who single-handedly beat the City of Chicago on a Shakman case that proved he was fired for political reasons. Gene prosecuted and won his case pro se. While doing so he caught a Federal Judge, Court Reporter and many others in the actual act of doctoring-changing the official transcript in a way that has, to this day, thwarted his chances of collecting his award from winning the case.

All the evidence behind Gene's case is contained in this book. He and many others have spent years trying to obtain the original audio tapes of his trial which would prove that the transcripts were changed. Despite finding and using the law which secures our rights to obtaining audio tapes of our trails, The Federal Judge, Court Reporter and others conspired to prevent and restrict his access to those tapes. Finally this corrupt system conspired to actually remove the tapes which have not been found to this day.

Despite the above, Gene has all the actual hard-original evidence - including original sticky-notes and fraudulent signatures - of the orders behind the actions that changed the transcript of his trail against him.

Everyone should get a copy of this book and begin the process of focusing on FOUR (4) words as follows:




We The People of the United States of America are responsible for creating, maintaining and enforcing the audit trail of justice. The individuals operating in our judicial system have proven with their actions - just look at the massive pile evidence in this book for starters - that the system will not police itself and enforce the cause of justice. We The People ARE responsible!! We The People have to begin to act like we're responsible. For if the courts of justice in America are corrupt We The People are all under the assault of such injustice nationwide. If one (1) person's life, liberty and property is harmed them every person's - in this world's - life, liberty and property is being assaulted.

Cleaning up the justice system in America and throughout the entire world can be a simple as manifesting the logical effect of these FOUR (4) short words:




The source of Justice, Liberty and Freedom comes from a Divine Source. If mankind tampers, alters or changes the audit-record of the justice system to enforce-maintain fraud and corruption then the entire system fades to taking on the actual appearance and effect of being like so many waving torches against the dark-black background of a dungeon or cave. This is how our understanding of Divine Truth reverts-perverts into being conditional and "subject" to the insane forces of politics, influences, money, bribes and the brute coercive power of unrestrained fraud. If we do nothing we must accept more of the same insanity that comes from living in a dark cave ruled by these insane torch-waving thugs who use sources of divine light and energy to advance selfish-personal lusts for power and control over others.

We don't have to become dramatic, but the system has naturally-logically devolved to where it is today - ie. THE COURTS OF JUSTICE IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD ARE CLOSED.

And only We The People can ignite a process of opening the courts back up by, again, manifesting the useful effect that will come from these FOUR (4) short words:




If there's ONE (1) cause of action which Linda Anchor's book, Death of The Justice System, should create for every American it's really very simple:




Ask/demand the above and get others you know to gather together to begin this process of Taking American Back to our divinely inspired-ordained lawful roots. We The People need a Justice System that's rooted in the acknowledgment of Divine-natural Law. Cleaning up the audit trail by asking for our audio tapes is a powerful "Keep it Simple and Smart" way to begin.

Before I close just think of the implications behind the administration of the Death Penalty nationwide. Here in Illinois, after students at Northwestern University uncovered massive fraud behind the administration of the death penalty, recently deparated Governor George Ryan ordered the system to clean itself up. And after nothing was done he was forced to release 167 prisoners on Death Row here in Illinois.

You can order the Linda's book by clicking on the link below.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

PS. I have personally met and know both Linda Anchor, her husband Gerald and Gene Wzorek.



Linda Achor
Format ISBN Price
Electronic Book 1418423661
Paperback (8.5x11) 1418423653 $33.00

About the Book

The Group Fight’s Back with P.A.C.C 19

The Author of DEATH OF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM, LINDA ACHOR, has written a fact filled book, backed by court documented evidence proving how the courts engage in fraud on the court to cheat innocent unsuspecting God gearing tax-payers out of their Constitutional rights to due process under the law.

She has organized a group called P.A.C.C 19, which stands for PEOPLE AGAINST COURT CORRUPTION. Linda Achor’s book contains court documented evidence proving the fraud that’s taking place in every court in The United States. Whether it be in criminal cases where, someone’s life hangs in the balance. Or Civil cases where property and civil rights hang in the balance. Our book proves that the courts are breaking our Constitutional Laws BLAT ANTL YI

Our organization P.A.C.C 19 has put together a group of great legal minds, their expertise being Constitutional Law. These giants in the field put a Bar Assoc. Member to shame.

However, they are non-lawyers and do not belong to that secret society cult the Bar Assoc. Instead, become a card carrying member of P.A.C.C 19.

Gerald Achor is President of the group, Linda Achor is vice President and treasurer. Eugene Wzorek is head of public relations, and Larry Abram is head of our legal group.

The cost for joining is a modest sixty dollars a year. And if on chooses to subscribe to our monthly news-letter that would come to an additional twenty dollars a month. Each member will receive a card signifying membership to P.A.C.C 19, also each member will receive the names of Legal experts that will help you win your case, criminal or civil, state or Federal. The fees they charge is much less than an attorney, Plus they win 90% of their cases.

The fees they charge you are for the hours needed to do the legal research in the law library, and write your process.

Your pleadings would then come to you camera ready. All that you would be left to do is duplicate, file with the court clerks, and mail copies to the opposing attorneys. Also pay the filing fee, and get the summons served. Also you will relieve copies of forms to file a complaint on a federal judge which gets results. Also the forms necessary to file a complaint on a state judge. These forms are the forms that they do not want the public to know exist. That ends the Myth that the federal Judges are in for life. If a federal judge gets three or four of these complaints, their in big trouble. Try a hundred, even twenty and they are off the bench.

Linda Achor has sent all the documented evidence of fraud and conspiracy that’s required to prove guilt of racketeering.

About the Author

The Author is nobody special, just another victim of this corrupt court system and crooked politicians. This book will be understood by all lay people like me, the evidence is so profound in this book that it will definitely bring down the whole corrupt court system. I am of Polish American descent, my Husband is Irish German.

The corrupt court system threw everything they had at just, and were determined to destroy us. This was done purposely and with malice. Through our ten year battle with them, I had to endure the death of my only sister Maryann Strama of cancer at the age of 48; I had not one but two bedridden invalids to take care of, My Father who had double bypass surgery, and my Mother who had Alzheimers. This lasted 91/2 years. I also had to sell all my jewelry to pay for a hysterectomy operation for my Monkey Lulu. So I know first hand what hell is like, I’ve been there, done that. Through all this, I still found the energy to send copies of all our evidence, Wzorek and mine, to every Governmental Dept that’s suppose to be in place to help citizen’s from :fraud being perpetrated against them by the courts. The post office actually asked me in was a lobbyist or something.

That’s when we discovered that this corruption was allowed to take place so blatantly because, the court officials knew that they had nothing to fear from these Governmental officials, they were all in cahoots together. They even had every form of the media under they’re control. Just like Nazi Germany! The scandal of this travesty of Justice will be heard all over the world. Just like Retired Supreme Court Justice told Alex Burkholder of channel 7 about our evidence. He said Wzorek and I were the most dangerous people in the world! WHY? Because we have nothing to lose. Were back from hell now and were ready to tear down the whole system with the spirits of our forefathers hovering above us. The next explosion you’ll hear will be our Constitution being slammed down in the courts, and that stampede you’re going to hear will be all the crooked judges, lawyers and politicians running for the door. That’s our promise to you.

Free Preview

A perfect Rico crime with conspirator’s leading all the way to the Supreme Court. This is the evidence was sent to Dan Burton (house government house reform and oversite committee). John Ashcroft, Henry Hyde, and many others trying to get justice. And what is their way of squirming out of doing what is required by law for them to do? They simply ignore you! Give you some double talk, like you haven’t enough evidence. I can guarantee you that we have enough evidence that even an investigation is not required to prove our case.

However, since they are all in cohoot’s together in this fraud. They make it an impossibility for the average citizen to reach the masses and expose the scandal of this. This makes Watergate look like childs­play! This game of theirs, of keeping the trial tapes away from people in order to continue to alter and forge the transcripts of trails and depositions in order to cheat the citizens of the United States of America will stop. P.A.C.C. 19 will stop them. We intend to join ranks with the victims that they were violated by the courts to rise up and descend on Washington DC. And ram that very constitution that these communist detest so much, right down their throats.

We intend to bring the corrupt federal judges, states judges and crooked lawyers, court reporters, and court clerks to justice. When march look like a pep rally! Every member of P.A.C.C. 19 will be required to give first aid and comfort and give moral support of your fellow brother, P.A.C.C. 19 members using fraud and political clout will be able to look forword to deluge of 372 complaints lodged against him or her. We intend to see these federal judges get a life term all right, but not on the bench but behind bars!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
August 11th: The Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ....

Date:8/11/04 4:48:37 PM Central Daylight Time

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From: "debbie"
Subject: Re: What is the subject??? :-)


we missed you!!!!!

hope youre enjoying your new baby laptop!!!!!!!!

re the 11.11 .... sometime last decade there were a heap of people
who were having 11.11 dreams , signs, etc,..... and then someone
wrote a book calling all the 11.11 people, someone called Solara i
think if memeory serves me correctly. and it was about gathering all
those people for earth healing and angelic work.

weirdly enough, last week i started seeing 11.11 again, and was

i know this is vague info, but its all i can remember for the

--- In Harmonic_Concordance@yahoogroups.com, Candyce Hawk

I have fallen off the face of the planet it seems. I caught up on
2 weeks of messages from this list this morning finally. My computer
fried. I got up on Monday a couple of weeks ago and the power
supply was HOT. This required a lot of attempts at repair and
troubleshooting and all the knowledge I have of computer hardware, which is not
insignificant :-), and best I can tell at this point is that the read
head on the top disk of my hard drive stuck to the disk, spindle
motor kept trying to spin it until it burned out a chip in the hard
drive. That started a major power draw through the mother board and
processor chip and fried most of the machine. I borrowed the battery off the
mother board of my server to check the battery for the CMOS on the
fried computer and when I put it back in the server, the server just kept
rebooting. Long story short, that took out the server too because
I didn't care to mess with it to figure out what happened. So, Rule
1 of computer hardware: "there's no problem so big that it can't be
solved if you throw enough money at it." ACK! I went out and bought a

So here I am, freshly installed in cyberspace once again.

Chandara, your information with the Sabians symbols et al is
fascinating! Note the degrees 11 there. :-) 11s are showing up
all the time to the point where it's getting annoying. I don't mean
your information annoying; your information is enlightening for sure,
but I mean in the physical reality of clocks and stuff. It's like a
deluge of 11s everywhere and there's a significance that I don't grasp. One
night I asked to know why this 11 stuff keeps showing up when I looked at
my clock and it was 1:11 AM. That night my dog rolled over on the
curtain and unplugged the clock and in the morning i woke up thinking the
power was out! I don't know the answer anyway but it was interesting.
At night I sometimes lie awake and look at the digital clock and see
it's numbers upside down, then backwards, then from behind and upside
down and backwards. Two of those are the same but I can't do it in the
daytime so I can't say which two. Why this exercise? I don't
know. :-)

Something I'm hyperaware of is that I don't know much. Time is
zooming and folding back on itself. This "reality" is disconnected for me.
I've been exploring so many strange concepts and they all seem
disconnected: quantum physics, dream state, dream "injection,"
remote viewing, strange symptoms and telepathy out of control where
depressing feelings arise and anger arises, multi dimensional shifts, there
are lots of "beings" showing up all the time; they're everywhere. I've
been exploring, heavily, the 3 basic rules of schooling fish and
flocking birds. All of these people were trying to write a computer program
to map the swooping, turning, darting, movements of flocks and

They discovered it would take like a million lines of code to
write this program that could replicate the movement. One guy worked on
it and discovered that the program could be written with only 3 simple
rules: 1.) Stay to center, 2.) Stay together, and 3.) Don't bump
into each other. So I took these 3 basic rules to see if they apply to
everything. From what I have looked at so far they do from
particle physics to walking with my dogs. This rule set is
called "intuitive logic" and is the antithesis of "reductionist logic" used by
science. Science can break stuff up into infinitely smaller parts but when
they get to the end of the logic the question, "why" remains. In
intuitive logic the "why" question is where it starts. Reductionist logic is
very complex. Intutitive logic is too simple to grasp.

So I'm rattling on, incoherently, about what is going on and have
no clue what it is actually. When I talk I replace letters in words
to make different words that make no sense and either I'm going nuts
or......and I suddenly go into this other place that is not here
but I don't know where it is....And you can all just ignore this and go
on with what you were talking about. :-)




You are simply in the process of receiving and sharing divine music-language. Eleven (11) is a prime number!!

Perhaps you are receiving some of the Divine arithmetically-based music from the likes of Aphax, the famous gentleman mathematician from the area around Thebes Egypt, who in 2300 BC proved that the Lord God of Creation would be born here on this earth on the 11th day of one of the 12 months.

Example from early this morning on August 11th the Divine Birthdate:

I was awakened at exactly 1:29 am on my digital wrist watch which I noted. Then I went into the other room and pulled out my calculator to receive the following....

1:29 am is the 89th minute of each day.

89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4 which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August.

1:29 am/pm corresponds to 1/29 - January 29th - which is the mo/day of the birth of Emanuel Swedenborg in 1688.

129 also factors into 43 prime X 3 and 43 corresponds to "The Lamb of God" as follows:

The (285) Lamb (3142) of (66) God (764) = 4257 = 43 prime X 99

Emanuel Swedenborg passed/ascended into Heaven on the exact day and at the exact time he predicted months prior - ie. March 29, 1772 around 5 pm. And 17720329 was the 89th day of the year 1772.

Now, lining all of the above up, I was called to determine how August 11, 2004 corresponds to the Cycle of 129 days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC as follows....

Todays Universal Numerical Date is 734139 days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ, August 11th in 6 BC.

734139 = 129 X 5691

But the real prime of 734139 is 271 as follows....

735139 = 271 prime X 2709

271 happens to be the numerical designator for "My Jesus Day" which was 19990711 which was Jesus (15131) prime days from my birth, 19580205 + Jesus (15131) days = 19990711. Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 7, Year 1999 which is 19= 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 and 99 = 9+9=18= 1+8 = 9 and 1+9 = 10 which is 1+0 = 1. So 19990711 corresponds to Day 2, Month 7, Year 1 which is 271 prime.

The interesting quality about 271 prime is that if you go forward/backward on the calendar from any day you will and up 23 days prior/after the current date 17 years away.

Another numerical correspondence for today came when I was awakened at 4:11 am. This struck me since this number has been ringing very very strongly ever since I finished my third marathon - Grandmas Marathon in Duluth Minnesota - in a time of exactly 4 hours 11 minuetes or 4:11 on June 19th.

The interesting thing about 411 is that if you move 8 cycles of 411 days you will end up at the EXACT date 9 years away. Hence the calendric cycle quality of 411 is 8 cycles and 9 years which rings with 89 the prime of Leo (356).

411 = 137 prime X 3

137 is the Celestial Numerical Designator of J. Dean Fagerstrom based on 19371108 which is the Divine Conception Day in the "corrected" - ie. spiritual - year of his birth 1937 vs. 1932. 19371108 reduces to Day 8, Month 11, Year 1937. Month 11 = 1+1= 2. Year 1937 becomes 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 and 37 = 3+7 = 10 = 1+0 = 1 and 1+1 = 2. So we end up with Day 8, Month 2, Year 2 opr 822 = 137 prime X 6 which is simple 411 X 2 = 822.

The Divine Design has embedded the truth of the Lord God Jesus Christ's birth on August 11th in 6 BC throughout all of nature, the planets and the universe. One doesn't have to look any further than the prime number table itself for simple examples of this proof:

1) The Leo (356th) prime number is 2389. 23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. And 89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4 which is the prime of the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August - see also # 10 below.

2) 1811 is the 281st prime number. 281 is the numerical designator for 10811 which is the "corrected" - ie. spiritual - birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ for when the 2334 days in BC time are accounted for he was born on August 11th which began Year 1 in AD terms.

3) 281 is derived by Day 11 = 1+1= 2. Month 8, and Year 1 or 281 prime. Note also that 1811 prime corresponds to 10811, thus as if to echo-announce and verify the Divine Birth. But there's more for 281 prime is the 61st prime number which is the prime of the word Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.

4) If you move forward exactly 23 "I Am" prime numbers past 1811 you will end up at 1999 prime which is the year that the Divine Birth Total Solar eclipse of the sun took place on August 11th which was followed - 3 days later - by the sign of the Grand Cross among the planet in our solar system. I was called to note this after receiving the fact that 1999 is the prime of my natural birthdate - ie. 19580205 = 1999 prime X 9795.

5) 1811 prime is 23 "I Am" prime numbers from 1621 which is the prime of The (285) King (2957) = 3242 = 1621 prime X 2. 3242 happens to be our address here in Evanston Illinois on Harrison Street - Harrison (81999165) is "8" conjoined with "1999" prime and Son (165) and it factors into 191 prime X 429315 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4. We live right next door to 3244 Harrison which is 811 prime X 4 which corresponds to 8/11 which is the Divine Birthdate mo/day and also corresponds to My (47) God (764) = 811 prime.

6) Harrison Street turns into Lincolnwood which turns into Lincoln Street which runs right into Lake Michigan where there's an Americal Flag flying right next to the shore of Lake Michigan at the south end of the Evanston Waterworks which is just 1 block south of the famous Gross Point Light House which became a National Landmark on 19990720 which was day One (1) of the 23 "I Am" day cycle prior to the Divine Birth total solar eclipse of the sun and 23 years from August of 1976 which was the year I first came to Evanston to go to Northwestern University. And just east of Sheridan Road and the Lighthouse and Waterworks there's a completely free, clear and open block of land which was originally plotted as "Block 89" by the original platt and survey of Evanston Illinois back in the mid-1800's.

7) In addition to the 365 rotations it makes each year - 366 in leap years - each year the earth revolves the sun One (1) extra day which is implied by the fact that it completes it's circle of the sun. This means that we have 24 hours X 60 = 1440 minutes which we need to account for which breaks down into the following minutes per day: 1440 minutes divided by 365 days = 3.945205479 minutes.

.945205479 minutes translates into 56.7123 seconds. If you use a 365.25 solar year factor the figure becomes 56.5503 seconds.

If you truncate this down to the last completed second you will come up with 3 minutes and 56 seconds which corresponds to Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4 which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August. You can prove this for youself each midnight for if you were to measure the position of the stars in the sky that are directly above you each night you will find that their position has moved away from perpendicular by exactly 3 minutes and 56 seconds each day.

8) In the year 1811 beginning on December 15th, THE largest earthquake in recorded history took place here in the American Continent in the area referred to as the New Madrid Fault. This area occupies the middle of the Mississippi region from southern Illinois going southward and it's generally along the lines of the 89th Longitude West.


During the 61st past the year 1811 the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 - October 8-9th - took place here in Chicago. 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392 and 1871 prime corresponds to "The Body of Christ" as follows:

The (285) Body (2647) of (66) Christ (389912) = 392910 = 1871 prime X 210

The Lord God Jesus Christ lived exactly 13023 days from August 11th in 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7th in 30 AD. Note that when you add 13023 days to December 15th - which was the day of the beginning of New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12 - you will arrive at 18470811 which is the 1853rd anniversary of the Divine Birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

Note also that 61 "Prime of Christ" years from 1871 was the year 1932 which is the year that J. Dean Fagerstrom was born - ie. 19320207 when the UND was 707655 which factors into the prime of 191 - the prime of God (764) = 191 prime x 4 - X 3705. Dean Fagerstrom is the Founder of The Center of Sacred Studies which is the "manifest effect" or earthly arm of The Anglion Society in Heaven and Earth which was commissioned by the Lord God Jesus Christ on 17720127 and is being overseen by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) to return the wonders of this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences back to our world.

9) The 2334 days that the Lord God Jesus Christ lived in BC time correspond exactly with the longitude and latitude of the tip of the continent of Africa which was the site of the most ancient church - ie. 23 longitude east and 34 latitude south.

10) The Leo (356th) prime of 2389 corresponds to the exact latitude and longitude of the site of one of the most devastating meteors to hit earth on the tip of the Yucatan Penninsula 65 million years ago which ended the Age of the Dinosaurs. Note that 65 corresponds to the english word "ON".

11) The completion of today also marks end of the 66740th cycle of Eleven (11) days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ. The next new 11 day cycle begins tomorrow on 20040812.

12) 23 prime is the 10th prime from/including one (1). Thus, the 11th prime - as in the 11th day - which is 29 marks the first prime value from the great "I Am" which 23 corresponds to.

Not to change the subject, but I have just finished an extensive study of Greg Maddux's pitching career, examing the dates, cycles and sequences behind his 300 wins. Note that he was the 22nd player in baseball to achieve this feat, ushering/paving the way for #23 "I Am" to be manifested. Note that his teammate, Mark Prior, uses # 22. But Greg Maddux's number is 31 which corresponds to "The Lord God" as follows:

The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153.

Greg won his 216th game on August 11, 1999 which was the day of the Divine Birth Total Solar eclipse of the sun. 216 divided by 2 = 108 and his 108th win was, too, on August 11th. This is only the tip of a very large and revelatory iceberg of the divine water of numerical correspondences that reveals itself in everything, through everything for it is in everything, etc.

Note that the 31st "The Lord God" prime is 113 which corresponds to "I Am One" as follows:

I (9) Am (14) One (655) = 678 = 113 prime X 6

Note also that the 678th prime is 5909 which is the prime of Venus (45531) = 5059 prime X 9. Greg Maddux won his 300th game on the 61st day from/including the Venus Transit of 20040608. 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.

There's always more, but I will close with one final simple example:

Leo (356) - Son (165) = 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4

So when 191 which is the prime of "God" and Son (165) are combined through arithmetic addition we arrive at Leo (356) which is the astrological sign for the divine birthmonth of August. Note that 191 is the arithmetic result of adding 23 "I Am" + 79 which is the 23rd "I Am" prime number and 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 191 prime. .

May more and more of the clouds of the Lord God Jesus Christ's divine energy, light, truth and love be freely received, shared and celebrated by mankind as this Age of Aquarius in this New Jerusalem Age - or New Christian Era - continues to manifest it's wonderous glory thorughout our world.





Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Saturday, August 07, 2004
The 2004 annual Perseid meteor shower.......

8/6/2004 10:48:39 PM Central Daylight Time
http://www.astronomy.com/asy/default.aspx?c=a&id=2361The annual Perseid meteor shower is typically one of the best of the year. And in 2004, the shower occurs in a relatively moonless sky. This is a real plus for those who want to see more meteors and not just the very bright ones. Bright, fast meteors - many leaving glowing trails visible for several seconds - characterize the Perseid meteor shower.The best time to see "the tears of St. Lawrence" in the United States will be Wednesday night, August 11, into the dark morning hours of August 12. The Moon doesn't rise until after 2 A.M. local daylight time and will appear only 12-percent lit.Some astronomers predict a sharp peak in activity this year at 21h UT on August 11. Unfortunately, this time corresponds to 3 P.M. EDT - daylight for North and South America. Still, observers in these locations may see increased shower rates during the morning hours of August 11 and 12.
The Perseids were given that name because if you trace all the meteor trails backward, they meet within the boundaries of the constellation Perseus the Hero who, in Greek mythology, slew the Gorgon Medusa. The Perseid meteor shower is caused by Comet Swift-Tuttle, which was discovered in 1862. Comet Swift-Tuttle returned to the inner solar system in 1992. As it swung around the Sun, it added to its particle stream. http://comets.amsmeteors.org/meteors/august_radiants.htmlFolks:August 11th is the 2010th anniversary of the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ in 6 BC. The comet Swift-Tuttle was discovered by Lewis Swift on July 16, 1862 and Horace Tuttle on July 19, 1862. When you add 191 - the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4 - days to July 16th you will always arrive at the 23rd day of the following year. And when you add 23 days to July 19th you will always arrive at the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ, August 11th. 23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Swift (15962) Tuttle (232235) = 248197 = 13063 prime X 1918620719 + 13063 prime X 4 days = 20050810 which is one (1) day from completing one (1) year from the Perseid meteor shower on the Divine Birthdate, August 11, 2004. 13063 prime is exactly 40 days from 13023 which is the exact number of days the Lord God Jesus Christ lived from his birth on August 11, 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7, 30 AD. 4 cycles of 13063 versus 40 days......Again, July 19th is ALWAYS 23 prime days from the Divine Birthdate, August 11th. 23 corresponds to "I Am" as follows: And to reiterate, I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Mose on Mt. Sinai. 7/19 corresponds to 719 prime which corresponds to "Christ the Lord God Go" as follows: Christ (389912) the (285) Lord (3694) God (764) Go (76) = 394731 = 719 prime X 549Perseid (7591594) = 3795797 prime X 2The Universal Numerical Date (UND) for August 11, 2004 - ie. the number of days to the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ - equals 73413937895797 - 734139 = 3061658 = 1530829 prime X 2So we have the correspondence between two primes with two (2) as the factor for a larger non-prime number. Let's examine the UND for 20040811 - ie. 714139 - by factoring it into the prime of 271 as follows: 734139 = 271 prime X 2709 (2709 = 43 prime X 63)271 prime is the numerical designator for "My Jesus Day" 19990711 which is Jesus (15131) prime days from my birth, 19580205. Day 11 = 1+1= 2; Month 7; Year 1999 corresponds to 19 = 1+9=10=1+0=1 and 99=9+9=18=1+8=9 and then you combine 1+9 = 10=1+0=1. So we end up with Day 2, Month 7, Year 1 which begins 271 prime. 43 prime corresponds to "The Lamb of God" as follows: The (285) Lamb (3142) of (66) God (764) = 4257 = 43 prime X 99The unique aspect of 271 prime is that 23 "I Am" cycles will always move 17 years and 23 "I Am" days backward in the calendar and 17 years and 23 "I Am" days forward in the calendar. Emanuel Swedenborg referred to the number 17 prime as corresponding to "A New Beginning". Now let's examine what the Comet Swift-Tuttle may have in store for our world when it passes by the next time in the year 2126 AD. >>http://www.space.com/scienceastronomy/solarsystem/perseids_shower_000809.htmlA real danger -- but not now There is a possible danger associated with the Perseids, but not from the meteor shower. In the year 2126, the Perseids' parent comet, Swift-Tuttle, is predicted to return. On this pass of its orbit, it is expected to come very close to Earth. Because comet orbits cannot be predicted exactly, there is a small but significant danger that 126 years from now, Comet Swift-Tuttle will hit the Earth directly. That would be major worldwide catastrophe, but it's not something we need to worry about anytime soon.>> 2126 is 191 - the prime of the word God (764) = 191 prime X 4 - years from the year 1935 which is 23 "I Am" years from the year 1958 which was the beginning of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" years - Leo (356) corresponding to the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August. 1958 happens to be the year I was born and there have been 89 primes corresponding to many, many things that have happened to me in my life and among those who the Lord God has called into my/our lives together. In addition, 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" years prior to 2126 brings us to the year 2037 which will be 79 prime years from 1958. Note that 79 is the 23rd "I Am" prime number from/including one (1). Note also that the year 2047 which is the end of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" years is also 79 prime years from 2126. And 79 corresponds to 23 "I Am" since 79 is the 23rd "I Am" prime number from/including one (1). The 2004 Perseid Meteor Shower will correspond perfectly with the the 1999 Perseid Meteor Shower in that they both reached - will reach - their peack fell on August 11th, the Divine Birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ (6 BC). In the Anglion system, the year 2004 corresponds to the "spiritual" or "corrected" year for the year 1999. This is so when we account for the 2334 days in BC time that the Lord God Jesus Christ lived from August 11th 6 BC until the BC-AD timeline d-mark. >>http://web.tickle.com/tests/uiq/index2.jsp?sid=1661&supp=Paid_336x280_IQ_states_border_3&z=The 1999 Perseid Meteor ShowerThe night of August 11, 1999, was the beginning of the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Although predictions were made for 60-80 meteors, predictions for rain at my location in Kansas were also made. After a morning of showers and an afternoon of clouds, the skies cleared off to allow for some pretty nice evening observing.>> Remember that on August 11th the Divine Birthdate in the year 1999 the world experienced one of THE greatest Total Solar Eclipses which passed through the southern tip of England before going through central and eastern Europe north of the middle east. This was followed 3 days later by the appearance of the Grand Cross among the planets in our solar system. See this link for more: http://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/live99.htmlSo we seem to have evidence within the Perseid Meteor Shower cycle of a 5-year correspondence that mirrors and accounts for the natural vs.spiritual birthyear cycles of the Lord's natural birth in 6 BC and his spiritual - or "corrected" - birth in the year 1. While I have not researched all the comets, the only other meteor showers that offer the same periodic synchronicity and power that attends to the Perseids is the Leonids Meteor showers that occur in mid-November each year. November was the month of the Divine Conception of the Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 7 BC. The Leonids are so named after the astrological sign of Leo which is the region from which these annual meteor showers emmanate in the sky each year. The Lord God Jesus Christ's Divine conception day - this according to the Anglion mathmatical calculations and spiritual testimony of J. Dean Fagerstrom, Founder of The Center of Sacred Studies - was November 8th in 7 BC. November 8th is ALWAYS 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from the Divine Birth, August 11th and 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from February 5th which was my birthdate in the year 1958. Also, there are 277 prime days from November 8th to the Divine Birthdate, August 11th. 277 mirrors the gestation cycle for humans and it also corresponds to "Divine Love" as follows: Divine (494955) Love (3645) = 498600 = 277 prime X 1800 Every leap year the cycle of 366 days resolves to 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" when you subtract 277 prime days - ie. 366 - 277 = 89 prime. Let's examine one last point from the article as follows: >>
The Perseids were given that name because if you trace all the meteor trails backward, they meet within the boundaries of the constellation Perseus the Hero who, in Greek mythology, slew the Gorgon Medusa. >>Perseus (7591531) is a prime number!!Thus, Perseus (7591531) is perfectly unified and one with One (1) which corresponds to the Lord God Jesus Christ. Perseus (7591531) - Leo (356) = 7591175 = 303647 prime X 25303647 prime - 734139 - the UND for 20040811 - equals 430492 = 281 prime X 1532281 is the spiritual numerical designator for the "corrected" birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in Year 1. Note also that the 281st prime number is 1811 which mirrors 10811 which is Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 that resolves into the numerical desginator of 281 prime. In addition, 281 prime is also the 61st prime number and 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.Even the factor 1532 = 383 prime X 4 - which I remember is an important prime in the Anglion system, but I cannot remember what phrase it corresponded to at this time. That's about it for this study. Hope all is well with everyone as we approach the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th this Wednesday which is the day of the week when I was born in 1958. I will be 16989 days young which reduces to 809 prime X 21 - or 2427 weeks young. 23 "I Am"cycles of 809 prime days prior to 20040811 brings us to 19530901 which is 23 "I Am" days from the 8/9 (89) mo/day in the natural year that corresponds spiritually to my birthyear of 1958 the same way the natural year 1999 corresponds to the spirtual year of 2004 which we are moving through at present. Peace and God Bless to one and all!!Fred SmartEvanston, Illinois
Cowardice, Complicity and Usurpation: Decadence and the decay of America


Cowardice, Complicity and Usurpation: Decadence and the decay of America

by Hari Heath ZZZ

America began with "the shot heard round the world." Impassioned men andwomen fought against great odds to claim that great prize of liberty.

Scholar/Warrior/Diplomats gave their all in a fight to end the reign of atyrant king. King George and his "swarms of officers sent hither to harassour people and eat out our substance," were toppled from their wall by arag tag militia of tax protesters, determined to rule themselves as freemen.

They fought side by side as a guerrilla army of citizens and gentlemen. Thewar was largely a long series of retreats that eventually wore down theBritish, turning the tide with a few pivotal engagements.

As the American warriors gained their ground and sent the king's men backacross the sea, they became scholarly statesmen who crafted a revolutionarynew form of government and the American experiment of a ConstitutionalRepublic.

In the beginning, our republic followed the commands of the Constitutionwhich formed it. But it is the nature of power to seek to increase itself.Always.

The founders of our nation knew this tendency well and installed manychecks and balances in our national Constitution to limit any excessivecollections of power.

The Constitution breaks down the functions of government into threebranches and limits the acts and authorities of each one. This being good,but not good enough, the Founders added the Bill of Rights to spell outwhat rights the people had, thereby placing limits and duties upon thoseoperating within the general government.

Government or administrative regime?

If you bothered to look, you may find that the government set up by theConstitution is not the one we have operating today. Yes the Congress, theSupreme Court, and the Executive offices appear to be occupied, but whatforce of government actually reaches out and touches you?

Almost always, it is an administrative agency.

Article One, Section One, of the federal Constitution clearly states thatall legislative power shall be vested in the Congress. The founders' intentwas to require that the power to make law would remain accountable; thatonly those who were chosen to represent the people or the states could havesuch power; and if they abused that power they could be removed by electionor impeachment.

The Tenth Article of the Bill of Rights further declares limits to thatpower, commanding that the powers of the federal government are limited tothose enumerated by the Constitution and that all other powers are reservedto the states or the people respectively.

In the beginning this was the plan. The constitutional offices and areas ofgovernmental operation were few and limited in their scope. Constitutionalgovernment could never be expanded to regulate and meddle in so many areasof our lives. A sovereign people would yield a limited amount of theirsovereignty to a government which would serve them. In theory, the peoplewould remain master of their servant.

But, as Lord Acton stated: "power corrupts, and absolute power corruptsabsolutely." And absolute corruption in our age, has taken the form ofadministrative agencies.

The Code of Federal Regulations, also known as the CFRs, are unlegislated"laws" laid down by agencies themselves, in defiance of the Constitution'scommands. Further defiance of the supreme law takes the form of ExecutiveOrders where the President imposes "laws" made with the stroke of his pen.

This and many other transgressions have led to a corporate government thathas been super-imposed over our constitutional government.

Fascism, by definition, is the merger of corporate and state interestswhich vest power in a single authority. Ourmilitary-industrial-media-pharmaceutical-financiercontrolled-fascist-corporate-federal state has become such an authority.

We daily submit to it in cowardice and complicity. We feed it withallegiance and taxes we do not owe. We choose the illusions of liberty fedto us by its media over the freedom that would be ours if we were willingto undertake the effort to seize and maintain it. We support the granddeception and our own enslavement because we are cowards who choosecomplicity and compliance with the administrative, fascist state.

Remember, as we celebrate our "independence," what those brave souls whosigned the Declaration of Independence had to say about the king'sadministrative agencies:

"He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms ofofficers, to harass our people and eat out their substance."

Do you pay your taxes to an agency? Get permission to drive on "your"highway from an agency? Do agencies issue your permit to build a house, oroperate a business, or own a gun?

Is how you farm, or log, or hire a worker controlled by an agency? Does anagency regulate where you get your water from and where it goes to whenyou're done with it?

Isn't just about everything you use, buy, or own controlled by an agency?Does the Constitution create any agencies? No!

Do you see how we, as once free and brave Americans, now cowardly submit toinnumerable intrusions into our private lives by a host of agencies?

Have we become so placated by our plentiful possessions that we are nolonger willing to pledge our lives our fortunes and our sacred honor to thecause of freedom? Do we cower in complicity, surrendering our liberties forthe security and benefits offered by the socialist state?

Our Liberty Teeth

Guns used to be common and acceptable in American culture. It is, afterall, how we won our freedom from the English king and his agents.

Guns are the liberty teeth of the Bill of Rights. Right after the freedomof religion, to speak and publish, to peaceably assemble, and petition forredress, came the teeth.

The Second Amendment guarantees that each man may possess the means toterminate tyranny. It is nothing less than the right to keep and usewhatever force becomes necessary to maintain the high principles of ournational trust, the Constitution and that government which is founded by it.

It is nothing less than the right of each man to possess, withoutinfringement, the means by which he can put a permanent hole in the face oftyranny, thereby securing a free state, for himself and his posterity.

But with the socialist programming in the media and our government schools,our liberty teeth have been cast aside as an old set of dentures. The"Right to keep and bear arms" has atrophied because we no longer exerciseit. When was the last time you saw a private citizen openly carrying afirearm in a public place?

Many Americans would feel uneasy if their fellow citizens were openlyarmed. Most have succumbed to the programming that only the police andmilitary should bear arms for us. The social fascists win when American areintimidated into surrendering their rights.

The problem with tyrants is they just don't listen

Our legal remedies to redress the assault of agency intrusions includeletter writing to our legislators, voting, suing in court for our rights,or petitioning the executive officers or the agencies themselves.

Sometimes these work, but usually they require a monumental effort beforewe obtain any success. More often we fail to achieve any justice when weappeal to corrupted courts and executive officers. And legislators cannotafford to help ordinary citizens because they are indebted to the lobbyistswho represent the special interests that purchased their offices for them.

When these civil processes fail to achieve the desired result we are thenleft with a choice between accepting failure or applying the final solution:

The Second Amendment solution.

Perhaps we are too morally guided to use the Second Amendment solution asour founders did with great success. Like the death penalty, it has seentoo little use in our time to have any real effect. What percent of murdersresult in a conviction and the carrying out of a death sentence? Less thanone percent? Not hardly a deterrent to the murderer who knows the odds ofreceiving final justice.

Our tyrants in office and their agents in administrative regimes similarlyhave not recently been reminded that the Second Amendment applies to them.

Thus, they go on regulating to their hearts content as we suffer intrusionsand taxation beyond anything our Founders ever tolerated. And daily we submit!

Just before the American Revolution Samuel Adams said: "If ye love wealthbetter than freedom; the tranquility of servitude better than the animatingcontest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel, noryou arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chainsset lightly upon you. And may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.

"Americans today do not seem to understand why we celebrate the Fourth ofJuly. It's not about sparklers and firecrackers, it's about remembering thereal bullets and real rockets fired in offense of freedom; it's aboutremembering those who dedicated their lives, their fortunes and theirsacred honor and were willing to give their all so that we could live in freedom.

And if we lose our freedom and, therefore, lose our country, how will ourposterity remember our contribution to their enslavement -- with a day ofsilence?

It's time to stand for something.



Fred Smart
Chicago, Illinois

Greatness is having never intended it. It is the humility of heart and mind that remains unchanged by public disdain. It is a discovery of something valuable within the deepest source of being, and which fearlessly expresses itself although inconvenient and unfashionable to do so. It is the inspiration of the truth within and yet apart from the individual, and it is the act of knowledge which distinguishes popular acclaim from the profound voice of the soul within which says: Well done, my good and faithful servant. Greatness is the unaided event of the truth because a soul has listened to God rather than to man. It is the integrity of truth which has granted the individual his or her own integrity without supplication or solicitation. It is the transformation from a self-acclaiming and self-blaming person into someone whose only loyalty and allegiance is to the truth itself and for the sake of love. From "The Mission of Anglion" by J. Dean Fagerstrom

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