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Saturday, February 28, 2009
My Response to "I'm Mad"

The "solution" will manifest only if we connect in the "right order" with one another - ie. the master is always the one who we are seeking to serve, not the other way around.

There is so much waste and disconnection in our world because the "Masters" of our world are masquerading as public servants. You/we cannot have our cake and eat it, too. But that's what happens when you/we place ourselves in the maw of systems that seek to - at the same time - 1) take no risk but claim 2) the monopoly of control on the distribution of wealth, property and trust in our world.

More government is not the answer.

More connections between and among individuals that are open and free from restraint, claim, control and regulation is the answer.

We are seeing glimmerings of this energy in the opening up of Facebook and other social media platforms. Twitter's "ONE BIG PIPE" and open API is powering this trend.

It's really about recognizing and reconnecting with the energy and power of "the sovereign individual".

Ask one simple question: How can I help you?

Acknowledge one simple fact: The one who answers is THE MASTER.

We must never, ever, violate the sacred trust and power of the sovereign, free individual. We must always seek to help and serve others, openly and freely.

A great New World with great New Energy and Hope is dawning right now. And this change/shift has nothing to do with Obama, et. al or our collapsing central government.

DC will soon morph into an historical Disneyworld theme park. Congress critters will only spend ONE week in DC. For all power is shifting back to the states, counties, neighborhoods and families where this great, grand rise of "the sovereign individual" is happening!

Peace and God Bless,


Thursday, February 19, 2009
Hidden Spy Camera & Mic Found Inside Digital TV Box: "Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A popular video circulating on You Tube shows the discovery of a spy camera and a microphone hidden inside a digital TV converter box. Such devices are part of a government and industry surveillance program that is undoubtedly connected to the forced digital TV switchover being rolled out in the UK and US."

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Ron Paul Madoff "Irrelevant SEC + Congress + Moral Hazard + US Gov't Ponzi Schemes"

YouTube - Ron Paul Madoff "Irrelevant SEC + Congress + Moral Hazard + US Gov't Ponzi Schemes"



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Greatness is having never intended it. It is the humility of heart and mind that remains unchanged by public disdain. It is a discovery of something valuable within the deepest source of being, and which fearlessly expresses itself although inconvenient and unfashionable to do so. It is the inspiration of the truth within and yet apart from the individual, and it is the act of knowledge which distinguishes popular acclaim from the profound voice of the soul within which says: Well done, my good and faithful servant. Greatness is the unaided event of the truth because a soul has listened to God rather than to man. It is the integrity of truth which has granted the individual his or her own integrity without supplication or solicitation. It is the transformation from a self-acclaiming and self-blaming person into someone whose only loyalty and allegiance is to the truth itself and for the sake of love. From "The Mission of Anglion" by J. Dean Fagerstrom

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