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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Most Creative Tools In Fighting Tyranny.

Buy, share and exchange these "deception dollars."http://www.deceptiondollar.com/6/6front.htm#

And be sure to attend or check into the developments around this uncoming convention - see below.


International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One, San
Francisco, March 26-28th 2004

Whereas the tragic events of 9-11 have been used by
the United States government to justify a war upon the
world, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights;

Whereas the Joint House and Senate Inquiry of
September 11, 2001 and the Independent National
Commission on Terrorist Attacks have not served to
“reveal the truth about the events of September 11,
2001,” but to justify increasing the power of the
National Security State;

Whereas the mass-circulation press in the United
States has failed to ask the most basic questions
about what actually happened on September 11, 2001,
and has supported the extension of U.S. military might
throughout the world;

We, who question the official narrative of September
11, 2001, and question the path the U.S. government
has chosen in its wake, believe a public inquiry--
asking who, what, how, when and why -- into those
events is vitally necessary. Therefore, this Inquiry
intends to bring together, to share what they have
learned with the world, independent researchers,
questioners, seekers of evidence, authors,
film-makers: all those who desire and work to discover
the truth about September 11, 2001.

Our hope is to create a safe space for new witnesses
and testimony to come forward, and to deepen common
understanding of the enormously complex events that
preceded, occurred on and followed the attacks of
September 11th 2001. Evidence suggests that September
11, 2001 was a special operation designed to terrorize
Americans into silent conformity, to legitimize the
crushing of dissent throughout the world, and to gain
public support for imperial wars. Our hope is to
disempower “the war game” once and for all, by
exposing the criminal actions of those in power who
committed crimes against humanity to advance that

Oral presentations and films will take place in the
historic Herbst Theatre in the War Memorial and
Veterans Building. A nominal fee will cover plenary
sessions. Additionally, meeting rooms will be
available for registered participants who are
researchers/activists to confer together; their
findings will be brought before the public on Sunday
afternoon, at the conclusion of the Inquiry.

Invited and * confirmed speakers include-
Mike Ruppert* >From the Wilderness
Daniel Hopsicker* Mad Cow Morning News
Kris Millegan* Trine Day Press
Alex Jones* Info Wars
Nafeez Ahmed, Author of The War on Freedom- How and
Why America was Attacked September 11, 2001 and Behind
the War on Terror: Western Secret Strategy and the
Struggle for Iraq

Andreas Von Buelow* Former German Minister, who
authored "The CIA and September 11" (but he is
concerned that he won’t be allowed into the country,
at this time)

Thierry Meyssan* Author of The Big Lie and The
Pentagate (but government wouldn't give him a visa
last December and Pentagon said he “is unwelcome in
the U.S.”)

Ken Jenkins* Videographer 9-11 Activist
Barrie Zwicker* Producer of "The Great Deception"
Riva Enteen* Member of The National Lawyer's Guild
Joyce Lynn* Journalist Editor of Political Diary
Eric Hufschmid*Author of Painful Questions- An
analysis of the September 11th Attack
Jerry Russell* Webmaster of 9-11Strike.com
Bruce Gagnon* Coordinator for the Global Network
Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Ralph Schoenman* and Mya Shone* Co-Producer with Ralph
Shoenmann of the Radio Program-Taking Aim
Jim Marrs* Author of The War on Freedom- The 9-11
Ellen Mariani*,wife of 911 victim and her attorney
Phil Berg* (Ellen Mariani filed a civil RICO action
[Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act]
lawsuit against President Bush and other high level
members of his administration based upon prior
knowledge of 911; knowingly failing to act, prevent or
warn of 911; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by
covering up the truth of 911; all in violation of the
laws of the United States.) www.911forthetruth.com

Full Inquiry Participants must register in advance.
Please read about Open Space to understand the spirit
and processes we'll be using.


The public may purchase tickets from the City Box
Office ($20 per day) beginning in early February.

Event Sponsored by:

The San Francisco Bay Guardian

KPFA 94.1 Free Speech Radio

Veterans for Peace: American Legion Post 315

From the Wilderness Publications

Global Outlook Magazine

New Society Publishers



Guns and Butter

Marin Peace and Justice Coalition

Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear
Power in Space

The 9-11 Truth Alliance

Monday, February 23, 2004

Spiritual Muscle, aka God's Will

This is a wonderful piece!!


Date: 2/23/04 9:40:21 AM Central Standard Time
From: chandaragoel@yahoo.com
To: Harmonic_Concordance@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Greetings Everyone:

How many ways are there to describe the attempts to resist that which
both is, and is ever unfolding; myriads.

I believe that what we call duality is a limited perspective of the unfolding
and manifest nature of the soul, or as I call it, the muscle of spirit that
enlivens the soul. Duality presupposes the presence of its companion;
where mortality is, immortality is as well. Why chase or long for transfor-
mation, as if it is something that is not present right there within you? We
tend to forget that every action, every presence generates an equal and
opposite presence/reaction.

Examine the fear of death closely; is this not also the fear of living? At
our own risk do we let these ideas pass the threshold without examination.
A life propelled by fear will take you to the edge and from there you will
be at war with and possessed by your shadow; a fearful, grasping shadow.
Is war a true opposite to peace, or is war a response to a fearful thought
who wishes to possess peace?

Examine ideas closely, and we do well to lose the shyness. We all
have both the duty and right to examine ideas that seek admission to
our inner sanctuary. What is subject to duality is an important question,
and until we learn to ask ourselves what it is that remains constant, we
can not find any real answers. We either walk with fear/possession in
living and dying or we walk with love in living and dying. What is dual and
what is constant? Fear does not call forth love and love does not call forth
fear. It doesn't make any sense to me that if I fear living, I will love dying,
but we accept ideas like this across the threshold of the holiest of holy
places within us without batting an eye. Check it out. If we fear living,
what are we promised? Check it out.

The wages of a lack of love is death and that which is not enlivened by
love can not tarry long on any dimension. However, it will carry on, and
I shudder to consider what fearful death is; worse, I cringe at the idea
of a life born from such. I know what fearful life is all about. And so I
ask myself, is it best to be here, now, or to mournfully linger in the past
while anticipating a future that has yet to be revealed? Both the past and
the future are phantom states, so it is wise to closely examine any idea
that beckons you away from the here and now; no matter how alluring its

My experience has shown me that to be present in the here and now
is to be aware of the point of power which is always right now, although
when re-living the past or longing for the future, we become frightened, as
we have lost our sense of reference. The bridge, or spiritual muscle that
connects mortality and immortality are only available to us in the here
and now, and from this perspective, duality loses its sting.

Metamorphosis is a fact; a process that occurs despite our resistance;
and whether a caterpillar or a butterfly, each state is fully existant within
the other at all times; just as the night co-exists with the day. I do not
believe that the force that bridges the two is controllable by us, and
so this is the choice. If we wish to be in control, we can only live in either
the past or the future, both of which do not exist in the here and now,
and this 'rootlessness' is very frightening. Reality is right this second;
not five minutes from now, not five minutes ago, and learning to live this
way renders powerless the fear of duality, as fear or its opposite which
is possession loses its appeal. We can only seek to possess that which
we do not have or feel we are not. The immortal companion can only be
known in the here and now, and knowing is not the same as controlling.

I believe that God's Will can only be known in the here and now, but it
can not be controlled, and the here and now is a safe place to be. We
are only afraid when we think of what is coming or what has gone by.
Check it out. Take a moment, right where you are and be there. Where
are you? What happened to the fear? Where is the greedy need to
possess and control? This is the only way that I can know God's Will,
and through this process, I learn that God is Love.



Sunday, February 22, 2004

Exposing Bush’s talking-points war


Soldier for the Truth
By Marc Cooper
L.A. Weekly

Friday 20 February 2004

Exposing Bush’s talking-points war.

After two decades in the U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, now 43, knew her career as a regional analyst was coming to an end when — in the months leading up to the war in Iraq — she felt she was being “propagandized” by her own bosses.


So if, as you argue, they knew there weren’t any of these WMD, then what exactly drove the neoconservatives to war?  

The neoconservatives pride themselves on having a global vision, a long-term strategic perspective. And there were three reasons why they felt the U.S. needed to topple Saddam, put in a friendly government and occupy Iraq.  

One of those reasons is that sanctions and containment were working and everybody pretty much knew it. Many companies around the world were preparing to do business with Iraq in anticipation of a lifting of sanctions. But the U.S. and the U.K. had been bombing northern and southern Iraq since 1991. So it was very unlikely that we would be in any kind of position to gain significant contracts in any post-sanctions Iraq. And those sanctions were going to be lifted soon, Saddam would still be in place, and we would get no financial benefit.  

The second reason has to do with our military-basing posture in the region. We had been very dissatisfied with our relations with Saudi Arabia, particularly the restrictions on our basing. And also there was dissatisfaction from the people of Saudi Arabia. So we were looking for alternate strategic locations beyond Kuwait, beyond Qatar, to secure something we had been searching for since the days of Carter — to secure the energy lines of communication in the region. Bases in Iraq, then, were very important — that is, if you hold that is America’s role in the world. Saddam Hussein was not about to invite us in.  

The last reason is the conversion, the switch Saddam Hussein made in the Food for Oil program, from the dollar to the euro. He did this, by the way, long before 9/11, in November 2000 — selling his oil for euros. The oil sales permitted in that program aren’t very much. But when the sanctions would be lifted, the sales from the country with the second largest oil reserves on the planet would have been moving to the euro.  

The U.S. dollar is in a sensitive period because we are a debtor nation now. Our currency is still popular, but it’s not backed up like it used to be. If oil, a very solid commodity, is traded on the euro, that could cause massive, almost glacial, shifts in confidence in trading on the dollar. So one of the first executive orders that Bush signed in May [2003] switched trading on Iraq’s oil back to the dollar.


You gave your life to the military, you voted Republican for many years, you say you served in the Pentagon right up to the outbreak of war. What does it feel like to be out now, publicly denouncing your old bosses?

Know what it feels like? It feels like duty. That’s what it feels like. I’ve thought about it many times. You know, I spent 20 years working for something that — at least under this administration — turned out to be something I wasn’t working for. I mean, these people have total disrespect for the Constitution. We swear an oath, military officers and NCOs alike swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. These people have no respect for the Constitution. The Congress was misled, it was lied to. At a very minimum that is a subversion of the Constitution. A pre-emptive war based on what we knew was not a pressing need is not what this country stands for.

What I feel now is that I’m not retired. I still have a responsibility to do my part as a citizen to try and correct the problem


This is a transforming journalistic event!!


"The Passion" an experience

Date: 2/22/2004 4:28:23 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: FKSmart
To: chucklebrain123@yahoo.com
CC: Harmonic_Concordance@yahoogroups.com

In a message dated 2/21/2004 4:37:19 PM Pacific Standard Time, chucklebrain123@yahoo.com writes:

The film grabs you in the first five seconds, and never
lets go. The brutality, humiliation, and gore is almost
inconceivable - and still probably doesn't go far enough.

The scourging alone seems to never end, and you cringe at
the sound and splatter of every blow - no matter how steely
your nerves. Even those who have known combat or prison will
have trouble, no matter their experience - because this Man
was not conscripted. He went willingly, laying down His
entirety for all. It is one thing for a soldier to die for
his countrymen. It's something else entirely to think of even
a common man dying for those who hate and wish to kill him.
But this is no common man. This is the King of the Universe.
The idea that anyone could or would have gone through such
punishment is unthinkable - but this Man was completely
innocent, completely holy - and paying the price for others.
He screams as He is laid upon the cross, "Father, they don't

They don't know..."

What Gibson has done is to use all of his considerable skill
to portray the most dramatic moment of the most dramatic
events since the dawn of time.

There is no escape. It's a punch to the gut that puts you on
the canvas, and you don't get up. You are simply confronted
by the horror of what was done - what had to be done - and

Throughout the entire film, I found myself apologizing.

What you've heard about how audiences have reacted is true.

There was no sound after the film's conclusion. No noise at
all. No one got up. No one moved. The only sound one could
hear was sobbing. In all my years of public life, I have
never heard anything like that.


Mel Gibson's "The Passion" will open on Ash Wednesday, 20040225.

Ash Wednesday is 23 days from 20040202 which is 191 days from the Divine Birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which was/is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

191 is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

The end of the last cycle of 191 prime days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ - August 11 6 BC - was 20030929. I call this day "Free From Fear Day" for 9/29 (929) corresponds to Free (6955) From (6964) Fear (6519) = 20438 = 929 prime X 22.

So Mel Gibson's "The Passion" will open on the 149th prime day of the current 191 "Prime of God (764)" cycle. 23 "I Am" cycles of 149 prime days prior to 20040225 takes us to 19941008, the 123rd Anniversary of The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Note that 123 = 41 prime X 5 and that 41 prime corresponds to "I am the light of the world":

I (9) Am (14) the (285) of (66) the (285) World (56934) = 93735 = 41 prime X 2375

Note also that the prime of 1871 corresponds to "The Body of Christ":

The (285) Body (2647) of (66) Christ (389912) = 392910 = 1871 prime X 210

31 cycles of 149 prime days prior to the opening day of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" takes us to 19910704 which is the 215th Anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. Note that 31 prime corresponds to "The Lord God":

The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153

215 = 43 prime X 5

43 prime corresponds to "The Lamb of God":

The (285) Lamb (3142) of (66) God (764) = 4257 = 43 prime X 99

32 cycles of 149 prime days prior to the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" brings us to 19910205 which is my 33rd birthday - one cycle year from 32 years.

But we must go deeper......

89 cycles of 149 prime days prior to the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" 19671105 which is 89 days from/including 8/9 and 89 days from 19680202 which is 191 - the prime of God (764) - days from 19680811 in the 41 "I Am the Light of the World" prime year of 1968.

Why is 89 prime significant?

89 is the prime of the astroligical sign of Leo (356) for the Divine Birthmonth of August.

89 days separate The Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108 - which is also the Divine Conception Day of the Lord God Jesus Christ - from the Divine Birth, August 11th. And 89 days also separate The Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108, from my 46th birthday, 20040205. My wife, Maribeth's 44th birthdate was on The Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108. On that day her age, 44, and my age 45, added up to 89, the prime of Leo (356) which is the number of days that always separate our birthdates as well as her birthdate and the Divine Birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ, August 11th. Note also that August 11th 2003 was the 89th day from/including the first of two Total Lunar eclipses in 2003 - ie. 20030515 and 20031108.

Mel Gibson's "The Passion" will open on 20040225 when my numerical age will be 16821 days - ie. 20040225 - 19580205 = 16821 = 89 prime X 189. Note that the factor of 189 is one (1) conjoined with the prime of Leo (356) = 89. In non-leap years if you go to the "I Am" mo/day of 2/3 (23) and add 189 days you will always arrive at the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ, August 11th - ie. 20030203 + 189 days = 20030811.

If you go back 23 "I Am" cycles of 89 "prime of Leo (356)" days prior to the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" on 20040225 you will arrive at 19980719 which is exactly 23 "I Am" days from August 11th the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 1998 which is divisible by 666 X 3 - the trinal prime of the trinity.

And if you go forward 23 "I Am" cycles of 89 "prime of Leo (356)" days from the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" on 200402225 you will come to 20091003 which is exactly one day between my crucifixion day, 10/02, and J. Dean Fagerstrom's crucifixion day, 10/04 - ie. since the Lord God Jesus Christ lived exactly 13023 days from August 11th in 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7, 30 AD you can derive one's crucifixion day for any day of the year by simply adding 13023 days.

20091003 - 13023 = 19740206 which is the year which exactly corresponds to the number of years from the Crucifixion in 30 AD - ie. 1974 years - from the current year of 2004.

Now let's get back to God (764) and the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4. If we go back 46 = 23 "I Am" X 2 cycles of 191 prior to the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" of 20040225 you will arrive at 19800205 which was day one (1) of my 23rd "I Am" year on this earth. I turned 46 years old on 20040205. 65 cycles of 191 prime (12415) days prior to 20040225 will bring us to 19700228 which was 23 "I Am" prime days from my 12th birthday. 65 corresponds to "ON" and the year 1970 corresponds to the prime of English (5573918) = 197 prime X 28294. English is the language of Divine Providence and it certainly wasn't luck or a "coincidence" that the English invasion - aka The Beatles - decided to break up in April - the ressurection-glorification month of the Lord God Jesus Christ - of 1970.

John Lennon - b. 19401009 - the 69th = 23 "I Am" prime X 3 anniversary of The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which corresponds to "The Body of Christ".

Ringo Star - b. 19400707 - the birthdate of Aphax, the famous mathematician-gentleman from the area around Thebes Egypt in 2334 BC who was most famous for proving that the birth or "coming of the Lord God" would be on the 11th day of one of the 12 months. Aphax heads up The Aphax Society in Heaven which is the code-software source of this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences.

The end of the 5602nd cycle of 131 days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ (August 11th in 6 BC) - note the prime of Aphax (17816) = 131 prime X 136 - was The Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108 which was also the Divine Conception Day of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

Paul McCartney- b. 19420618 was/is THE most famous date in Swedenborgian history. June 18th is referred to as "The Calling In Day" when in the year 1770 the Lord God Jesus Christ called all his disciples and angels throughout the heavens - also ministering within the hells - to begin preaching the inner spiritual meaning of the Word. This is the day in the "89 Year" of 1989 that I asked my wife, Maribeth, to marry me - Father's Day - in the Rose Garden here in Evanston across from St. Mary's church at exactly 12 noon, June 19th is referred to as "The Calling Out Day" for this is when the spiritual preaching of the inner meaning of the word began throughout the heavens and hells and universes.

June 19 corresponds to 6/19 (619) prime which corresponds to this phrase, "The Word of God":

The (285) Word (5694) of (66) God (764) = 6809 = 619 prime X 11

George Harrison - b. 19430226 - born 23 "I Am" days from the "I Am" 2/3 (23) mo/day. In addition, 226 = 113 prime X 2 - and the prime of 113 corresponds to this phrase "I Am One":

I (9) Am (14) One (655) = 678 = 113 prime X 6

The prime of George Harrison's last name is 191, the prime of the english word God (764) as follows:

Harrison (81999165) = 191 prime X 429315

As with everything in our wonderfully perfect universe, these examples are "just the tip of the iceberg"of a massive amount of truth - ie, water - which will keep spreading and filling up our world with life, making and sustaining a Garden of Eden in the form of this New Jerusalem Age that's part of this Age of Aquarius which is spreading like water - ie. truth seeking its own level - all over our world.

Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is a wake up call!!

It's time for mankind to EXIT our individual-collective Wizard of Oz-like Castles of our egoic illusions and enter into freely receiving, sharing and celebrating the light of this New Day of the energy, light, truth and love of God that is dawning on mankind.

One (1) last note to consider vis a vis Mel Gibson:

Mel Gibson was born 19560103 which is exactly 764 days from my birth, 19580205.

764 corresponds to God (764) = 191 prme X 4.

Keep in mind that the end of the last cycle of 191 days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ was "Free From Fear Day" - ie. 20030929 which is when the Chicago Bears first played in the new Soldiers Field here in Chicago. The next cycle of 191 "prime of God (764)" days will end on 20040407 which is the "Crucifixion Day" of the Lord God Jesus Christ in 30 AD 1974 years later.

One last note about Mel Gibson's birthdate, 19560103: it was one (1) day from the 56th anniversary of the day when mankind reversed the flow of the Chicago River in 19000102. 56 corresponds to NO.

And Chicago (3893176) is a word which corresponds to "Christ the Lord God Go!!" More later....

Sorry for the length of this.


Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart



This was sent out to the net yesterday.


Date: 2/21/2004 2:02:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: fksmart@aol.com
Reply-to: People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com
To: PLANETNEWS@aol.com, apfn-1@yahoogroups.com, CCCC-USA@yahoogroups.com, nite-org@yahoogroups.com, WTPChristian@yahoogroups.com, coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us, legality-of-income-tax@yahoogroups.com, People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)


WTP State Coordinator - South Dakota - Bill Stegmeier from Sioux Falls is
planning a FREE Pig Roast sometime this spring - see his message to Dick Simkanin

This sounds like a wonderful idea!!

Get people outdoors!!

Get people talking, helping, serving and sharing goodwill and good
information right in the light of this New Day that is dawning in our wonderful world.

Why not have a BIG vision!! I can see the concept of FREEDOM PICNICS taking
root in our great country. My mother is from Montana where my family has 400+
acres 13 miles north of I-90 on highway 89 with a "river running through it"
set between three mountain ranges - Bridgers, Crazies and Absaroka - and some
of the greatest trout fishing you can imagine. Spectacular sunsets amidst
this BIG Sky. Clyde Park Montana is one mile up the road. I would love to
invite folks from all over the country to come and take in the wonders of this
great area.

And I agree 10,000% with Bill on this point;

>>Yes Dick, the day rapidly approaches when there will be weeping and
gnashing of teeth in the judges chambers and long lines at the unemployment offices
with the likes of ex-IRS jerks, bewildered H&R Blockheads, and disenchanted CPA’
s! And every single one of them hanging their heads low with the weight of
their sins and all the while scratching their behinds in total disbelief of
their newfound predicament! I just can’t wait I’m so excited!

The prison gates will fall off their hinges and freedom will once again ring
throughout our land. Hallelujah!>>

FREEDOM is indeed calling!!

And the force of Divine TRUTH is manifesting more and more and more and more
in our world.

It will be like the ending of It's A Wonderful Life. Sure, there will be
many who will be frustrated and confused, while many others will cry and be
ashamed. The magnitude of this fraud and corruption will come crashing down like a
massive tree that's been dead for too long.

I sure hope I can make Bill's FREE pig roast. And I sure hope others can
make it, too.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

Note: WTP Illinois are planning to interview - and tape for Chicago public
cable access broadcasts - Rose and Bill Lear on the evening of March 8th, the
day Bill Lear will be getting out of prison. I will have more to share later.

Subj: My letter to Richard
Date: 2/21/2004 1:08:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: rmsroll@rmsroller-grinder.com
To: firstrose@core.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

February 21, 2004

To my best friend Richard Simkanin:

Hi Richard.

I pray you are in good health. You just gotta hang in there until we all
figure out a way to spring ya.

I understand Rose Lear sent you her "Motion to Dismiss the Indictment for
Failure to State a Crime". I hope you can use it.

I’ll be meeting Rose in Duluth, MN on March 7th when she goes to pick up her
husband Bill after his one year stint for failure to file (or whatever it was
the morons accused him of). I pray that we can soon do the same for you.

Dick, I have to tell you, I’m excited about what’s coming down the pike. I,
like Larken Rose, predict the IRS will soon be "toast", as Larken likes to put
it. The Tax Honesty Movement is picking up members exponentially now, due
largely to the internet, but also due to the ever increasing number of activists
who are doing HUGE things.

WTP is an example. Larken Rose is another.

And now, comes Bill Stegmeier!

Oh, sure. WTP can have their lawsuit and Larken can have his "Secret Weapon".
But I think Bill Stegmeier is going to top it! (I’m just kidding folks.
Everyone settle down!)

What can possibly top WTP and Larken? Well, a good old fashioned Spring Time
Hog Roast, that’s what!

Seriously, I’m planning on throwing the biggest free hog roast Sioux Falls,
SD has ever seen. I have a Hutterite colony customer of mine who will cater the
hogs and cookers. I used them last summer for my company hog roast
and stuffed over 200 people. Delicious!

I’ll be renting an events hall that seats 500, as well as plenty of grass
area outside for the expected overflow.

Bob Schulz has agreed to attend and speak. I’ll also be inviting Ron Branson
from Jail4Judges and a speaker from FIJA. Also Joe Bannister and friends plus
many more will be invited to speak as well as there being plenty of tables
scattered around with free literature.

I’m telling you Dick, you throw a free hog roast and do plenty of advertising
ahead of time, you are going to have to pack ‘em in!

And the best part is that most everyone will be leaving with the that
"awakened" feeling.

I’m hoping that if this thing is as successful as I think it will be that
"Freedom Hogs" will be roasted all over the country!

Yes Dick, the day rapidly approaches when there will be weeping and gnashing
of teeth in the judges chambers and long lines at the unemployment offices
with the likes of ex-IRS jerks, bewildered H&R Blockheads, and disenchanted CPA’
s! And every single one of them hanging their heads low with the weight of
their sins and all the while scratching their behinds in total disbelief of their
newfound predicament! I just can’t wait I’m so excited!

The prison gates will fall of their hinges and freedom will once again ring
throughout our land. Hallelujah!

So take care, Dick, and we’ll all see you at the 5th Circuit!

Your Friend,

Bill Stegmeier

Cc: Everyone


Look Beyond What You See

We come together again at this moment consciously always acknowledging that there is never a separation between that which is the unmanifested and that which is the manifested. It is just a continuum of existence and it is only through the limited perception and the physical observations that then create what appears to be a separation between the inner and the outer, between the manifested and the unmanifested.

As you come together as one, recognize this unity of the continuum of all existence, the continuum of consciousness, the unity of all that exists. It is only again in the outer perceptions where definitions begin to take form and begin to be accepted as a reality, as the only reality, or as a limited reality, that there then appears to be a division between that which is seen and that which is unseen, that which is manifested, that which is unmanifested.

It is always a good exercise in perception to ponder for a moment that which is being observed and then to look behind the meaning, behind the scene, behind the form and substance, and contemplate on the pattern of the creative impulse that has resulted in that which is being observed.

Do not be bound by that which has been cultural, educational, or emotional habits conditioned by society. Know that there is always the formless behind the form. There is always the movement that then simply results in that which is being observed and which is being for a moment identified with or defined. Look always to the Source. Look always to that which is the complete, infinite picture of the flow of creative energy. The individual out-picturing or points of manifestation are only doorways to a greater reality.

When you look at a painting, when you look at a tree, when you look into the eyes of another soul that is embodied for a moment in the earthly experience, see beyond that which you see and know the truth of how all is connected, how there is always a pathway through that which is being observed to that which is the formless, the infinite statement of the continuum of the consciousness of creation.

This is particularly important and of a necessity in the process of awakening to be aware of this reality, this greater reality when in the company of another embodied soul. As you look around you in a crowd of souls embodied on this planet, you see a wide variety of form, of appearance, of out-picturing of how each soul sees itself within the created environment.

But look beyond that which is being presented and see the continuum of the Consciousness of Creation simply being made manifest in its multiple and infinite variety of forms and points of awareness. As you do so, you will become aware of the enormity of the unity of all creation. Actually, it's infinite. Did you not know that?

So as you are in the company of an embodied soul, go beyond, look within, look beyond, see beyond that which is the outer shell and know the truth of the Love and Light of the creative impulse that is the cause, that is the Source, and that is really the sustaining energy that brings all creation into form and substance.

Ponder the meaning of the continuum of existence, the continuum of consciousness, the continuum of creative energy always being present, always being connected to the Source as well as to that which is the result. There is no separation; there is no difference. It is all a matter of perception and, as has been given many times, it is a matter of consciousness. As you, as an embodied soul, shed the veil that separates and that tries to define and tries to manipulate the perceptions in the outer realm, as this veil is shed, you merge with who you already are. You merge consciously with who you already are for you are the Consciousness of Creation in motion.

It is through the consciousness of the soul that creation takes place. It is through the Consciousness of Creation that all form and substance, and all points along the continuum of existence in the omni-dimensional realm of existence, is sustained and is perpetuated infinitely, founded upon, based upon, reflecting the Love and Light of the creative impulse that is the Source of all.

Know this simple truth. Be this simple truth. Let go of all that would impede or impair the vision of seeing this simply truth. Merge with and be consciously aware of the oneness you are as the Consciousness of Creation in motion.

~ Author Unknown ~

Monday, February 16, 2004

Bush Grabs New Power for FBI

By Kim Zetter | Also by this reporter

02:00 AM Jan. 06, 2004 PT

While the nation was distracted last month by images of Saddam Hussein's spider hole and dental exam, President George W. Bush quietly signed into law a new bill that gives the FBI increased surveillance powers and dramatically expands the reach of the USA Patriot Act.

The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 grants the FBI unprecedented power to obtain records from financial institutions without requiring permission from a judge.

Under the law, the FBI does not need to seek a court order to access such records, nor does it need to prove just cause.



Bush Grabs New Power for FBI


By Kim Zetter | Also by this reporter

02:00 AM Jan. 06, 2004 PT

While the nation was distracted last month by images of Saddam Hussein's spider hole and dental exam, President George W. Bush quietly signed into law a new bill that gives the FBI increased surveillance powers and dramatically expands the reach of the USA Patriot Act.

The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 grants the FBI unprecedented power to obtain records from financial institutions without requiring permission from a judge.

Under the law, the FBI does not need to seek a court order to access such records, nor does it need to prove just cause.



Saturday, February 14, 2004

IRS Press Conference On Video

Special thanks to Jon Davis for passing this along!

Watch this:


Scroll into the video to about 16:45.

Transcription/comments from someone else:

September 12th the U S Department of Treasury held a public press conference announcing a "new partnership" between the feds and states to "catch tax abusers".

Below is a word-for-word conversation between a NYT reporter, David Cay Johnston, Mark Everson, the IRS Commissioner, and Dale Hart, of the IRS:

Reporter: "Commissioner Everson.There's a group of people outside that assert that no law requires them to pay taxes, and that you will not answer their petition to the government as to whether they're required to pay taxes."

Commissioner Everson: (snicker)."Well, I've been paying my taxes ever since I was, ah, well I...I've been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job, and I think it.it's a.it's a fundamental ..ah..construct of our nation that.that those of us who, um, expect and demand the services from our government..that the government provides.be they the protection of our country through the military, or be they, um, the education of our children, or be they the protection of our environment, That..That..we must pay for those services. So yes, I think there is a fundamental obligation and.um.that.that it's an understood and well accepted one..um..ummm..

Reporter: "Let me modify my question then..The fundamental assertion being made here is that there is no law that requires us to pay taxes..that people are tricked into paying taxes. So the question they keep asking is "What law requires them to pay taxes?"

Dale Hart steps in: "Let me help here, Dave.As you know there are any number of court cases that ,uh,uh, that have been, uh, that have asserted our right to levy taxes, and I would, uh, hart.um, recommend that anybody who has any questions about whether or not they should be paying taxes go to IRS.GOV, and take a look at the um.uh.the issues we have there that respond to phony tax schemes advising people that they don't have an obligation to.to.pay taxes. So there's a lot of information out there, and a lot of information on our website that should assist anybody that has any questions about the legality of taxes. And there's plenty of court cases that support our right to assert and levy taxes under title 26.."


Jon Davis's commentary:

What we had here were the two top, top IRS officials in the country showing that either:

1. There is no law requiring me to file or pay, or

2. There might be such a law, but they (the 2 top IRS officials in the country) don't know about it, can't find it, or are keeping it a secret.


My comments:

I checked the accuracy of the transcribed comments of Mark Everson and Dale Hart. They are as close to 100% accurate as anyone could want. The transcriptions of David Cay Johnston's - columnist from the NYT's - questions were close but not right on.

I really could not believe what I was hearing. These folks are failing completely to address critical-core questions that, if unanswered, make a complete mockery of justice and the rule of law in our country.

Peace and God Bless,



by Bob Schulz

Indeed, as Americans we must debate the size and role of government in our lives. The concern here, however, is 80 years of government lies about the income tax and a grossly un-American inquisition against those who confront these lies. How long must Americans suffer under tax laws that are notoriously confusing, rules and regulations that a free people should be ashamed of, and tax administration that is scandalously corrupt. Examine your pay stub. Examine your last tax return. How much is the government taking from you? Based upon several years of my own study, and decades of research by others, it is my firm conviction that we all have been victimized by the biggest tax cheat in American history -- the United States government. My fellow Americans, we guarantee a more corrupt government for our posterity when we fail to root out the corruption we find today. Won't you join me in demanding that the government stop its own shameful tax evasion and answer these questions once and for all?



Paul Harvey's comments on "The Passion"

Subject: Fw: Paul Harvey's comments on "The Passion" from Phil Olsen

Paul Harvey Comments on "The Passion" by Mel Gibson

Paul Harvey's words:

I really did not know what to expect. I was thrilled to have
been invited to a private viewing of Mel Gibson's film "The Passion,"
but I had also read all the cautious articles and spin. I grew up in a
Jewish town and owe much of my own faith journey to the influence. I
have a life long, deeply held aversion to anything that might even
indirectly encourage any form of anti-Semitic thought, language or

I arrived at the private viewing for "The Passion," held in
Washington, DC and greeted some familiar faces. The environment was
typically Washingtonian, with people greeting you with a smile but
seeming to look beyond you, having an agenda beyond the words. The
film was very briefly introduced, without fanfare, and then the room

From the gripping opening scene in the Garden of Gethsemane, to the very
human and tender portrayal of the earthly ministry of Jesus, through the
betrayal, the arrest, the scourging, the way of the cross, the encounter
with the thieves, the surrender on the Cross, until the final scene in
the empty tomb, this was not simply a movie; it was an encounter, unlike
anything I have ever experienced.

In addition to being a masterpiece of film-making and an
artistic triumph, "The Passion" evoked more deep reflection, sorrow and
emotional reaction within me than anything since my wedding, my
ordination or the birth of my children. Frankly, I will never be the
same. When the film concluded, this "invitation only" gathering of
"movers and shakers" in Washington, DC were shaking indeed, but this
time from sobbing. I am not sure there was a dry eye in the place. The
crowd that had been glad-handing before the film was now eerily silent.
No one could speak because words were woefully inadequate. We had
experienced a kind of art that is a rarity in life, the kind that makes
heaven touch earth.

One scene in the film has now been forever etched in my
mind. A brutalized, wounded Jesus was soon to fall again under the
weight of the cross. His mother had made her way along the Via Della
Rosa. As she ran to him, she flashed back to a memory of Jesus as a
child, falling in the dirt road outside of their home. Just as she
reached to protect him from the fall, she was now reaching to touch his
wounded adult face. Jesus looked at her with intensely probing and
passionately loving eyes (and at all of us through the screen) and said
"Behold I make all things new." These are words taken from the last Book
of the New Testament, the Book of Revelations. Suddenly, the purpose of
the pain was so clear and the wounds, that earlier in the film had been
so difficult to see in His face, His back, indeed all over His body,
became intensely beautiful. They had been borne voluntarily for love.

At the end of the film, after we had all had a chance to
recover, a question and answer period ensued. The unanimous praise for
the film, from a rather diverse crowd, was as astounding as the
compliments were effusive. The questions included the one question that
seems to follow this film, even though it has not yet even been
released. "Why is this film considered by some to be 'anti-Semitic?"
Frankly, having now experienced (you do not "view" this film) "the
Passion" it is a question that is impossible to answer. A law professor
whom I admire sat in front of me. He raised his hand and responded
"After watching this film, I do not understand how anyone can insinuate
that it even remotely presents that the Jews killed Jesus. It doesn't."
He continued "It made me realize that my sins killed Jesus" I agree.
There is not a scintilla of anti-Semitism to be found anywhere in this
powerful film. If there were, I would be among the first to decry it. It
faithfully tells the Gospel story in a dramatically beautiful, sensitive
and profoundly engaging way. Those who are alleging otherwise have
either not seen the film or have another agenda behind their
protestations. This is not a "Christian" film, in the sense that it
will appeal only to those who identify themselves as followers of Jesus
Christ. It is a deeply human, beautiful story that will deeply touch all
men and women. It is a profound work of art. Yes, its producer is a
Catholic Christian and thankfully has remained faithful to the Gospel
text; if that is no longer acceptable behavior than we are all in
trouble. History demands that we remain faithful to the story and
Christians have a right to tell it. After all, we believe that it is the
greatest story ever told and that its message is for all men and women.
The greatest right is the right to hear the truth.

We would all be well advised to remember that the Gospel
narratives to which "The Passion" is so faithful were written by Jewish
men who followed a Jewish Rabbi whose life and teaching have forever
changed the history of the world. The problem is not the message but
those who have distorted it and used it for hate rather than love. The
solution is not to censor the message, but rather to promote the kind of
gift of love that is Mel Gibson's filmmaking masterpiece, "The Passion."
It should be seen by as many people as possible. I intend to do
everything I can to make sure that is the case. I am passionate about
"The Passion."

Please copy this and send it on to all your friends to let them know
about this film so that all go see it when it comes out.

P.S. From Julie: My daughter, Kristin, tells me they learned a her
church Youth Group that Mel Gilbson stated he did not appear in his own
movie, by his choice, with one exception: It is Gibson's hands seen
nailing Jesus to the cross. Gibson said he wanted to do that because it
was indeed his own hands that nailed Jesus to the cross (along with all
of ours.)


Mel Gibson's The Passion opens 20040225 which is 23 days past 20040202.

23 is a prime number that corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 which was the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

20040202 is 191 prime days from 20040811, the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ in 6 BC. 191 is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4

Mel (453) Gibson (792165) = 792618

The Universal Numerical Date - the number of days from the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC - for 20040225 is 733971.

733971 = 4993 prime X 147

733971 is 58647 from 792681.

58647 = 173 prime X 339

20040225 - 173 prime x 33 = 19880709 which is 33 days from the Divine Birthdate, 8/11. 7/09 corresponds to 7/9 (79) which is the 23rd "I Am" prime number from/including one (1).

1) 1
2) 2
3) 3
4) 5
5) 7
6) 11
7) 13
8) 17
9 19
10) 23
11) 29
12) 31
13) 37
14) 41
15) 43
16) 47
17) 53
18) 59
19) 61
20) 67
21) 71
22) 73
23) 79

The factor 339 of the number 58647 is 113 prime X 3. 113 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) One (655) = 678 = 113 prime X 6. This "I Am One" prime connects my birth, 19580205, with the birth of John Lennon, 19401009 - on the 69th anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire - our firstborn son, Frederick - 19931226 - and our thirdborn son, Andrew, 20010920.

If you go back 23 "I Am" cycles of "I Am One" 113 prime (2599) days from the opening of Mel Gibson's "The Passion" you will arrive at 19970113 which is the mo/day of 1/13 which mirrors the "I Am One" prime of 113. And 19970113 is 23 "I Am" prime days from 19970205 which was my 39th birthday.

4993 prime - 173 prime = 4820 = 241 prime X 20

If you move 241 prime days from any date on the calendar you will move backward 124 days on the calendar. This is the exact cycle differential that results when you add 13025 days to any day/date. The Lord God Jesus Christ lived exactly 13023 days from August 11th in 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7th in 30 AD. He was glorified and resurrected on April 9th 30 AD.

Evidence of the Divine Order and Providence of the Lord God Jesus Christ is everywhere!


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Greenspan Admits Federal Reserve Is Too Powerful

Date: 2/11/2004 11:18:57 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: kevans@dca.net
To: kevans@dca.net
Sent from the Internet (Details)



For more information contact:

Ken Evans
873 East Baltimore Pike - PMB 464
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


For release: February 11, 2004



Washington, D.C. - During testimony today before the House Financial
Services Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan dropped a
bombshell on the Congress and the United States. The Federal Reserve is
too powerful.

In response to a question from Texas Congressman Ron Paul (R) relating
to the Fed's authority, Mr. Greenspan said, "We (The United States) have
statutorily gone onto a fiat money standard and as a consequence of
that, it is inevitable that the authority, which is the producer of the
money supply, will have inordinate power."

Fiat money is money with no backing, money that is not redeemable for
gold, silver or any other commodity. The term 'inordinate' is defined
as 'exceeding reasonable limits' or 'disorderly.'

Mr. Greenspan then went on to explain that the Federal Reserve's power
simply results from Congress avoiding their Constitutional duty to
'coin' money. Greenspan said, "We (the Fed) don't have any capability
whatsoever to do anything without the agreement or even the acquiescence
of the Congress of the United States."

Congressman Paul agreed with this assessment.

The entire text of Congressman Paul's exchange with Mr. Greenspan can be
read online here: http://www.reasons2vote.com/paulgreenspan.html


Democrats Pushing Legislation that would Dismantle the Constitution

By Robert Greenslade

link here

Since residents of the District of Columbia are the only Americans who pay Federal income taxes but do not have direct voting representation in the Senate and House of Representatives, proponents of this legislation claim the only way to rectify this "injustice" is to provide for full voting representation in Congress for the citizens of the District.

This proposed legislation provides that for purposes of congressional representation:

"[T]he District of Columbia, constituting the seat of government of the United States, shall be treated as a State, such that its residents shall be entitled to elect and be represented by 2 Senators in the United States Senate, and as many Representatives in the House of Representatives as a similarly populous State would be entitled to under the law."

Under this bill, Senators and Representative elected from the District would "be entitled to be admitted to seats in Congress and to all the rights and privileges of Senators and Representatives of the States in the Congress of the United States."


If this legislation passes, then the District of Columbia, through a legislative slight of hand, not an amendment of the Constitution, would basically become the 51st State in the Union. Since the population of the District are predominately democrats, the Democratic Party would immediately pick-up 2 seats in the Senate and 3 in the House of Representatives. While this would be a political nightmare for the Republican Party, it would be a constitutional catastrophe because it would mark the end of the federal system of government established by the Constitution.


My comment:

The effect of this bill would be a "coming out" party for the fraud of federal conquest and control as well as those who have been behind orchestrating it for years. Destroying and covering up the Constitution in this way is not unlike one who commits murder, buries all the evidence and years later finally tells others in passing that it was God's will. In this way, the ultimate act of desecration is man claiming to the power of God.

Peace and God Bless,


More Thoughts To Share


Subj: Re: [Harmonic_Concordance] Fw: The Dark Side
Date: 2/11/2004 8:48:54 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: FKSmart
To: dalmeida.carolyn@juno.com
CC: Harmonic_Concordance@yahoogroups.com

In a message dated 2/10/2004 8:35:38 PM Pacific Standard Time, dalmeida.carolyn@juno.com writes:

Evil is an illusion. All illusions are black holes which are the antithesis of the energy, light, truth and love that comes forth the son of our being which is one with the Almighty Lord God who created all that is.

"No evil but ignorance, no good but knowledge" .... I do believe that.

Whenever Jesus healed someone he would say to them afterwards "Go and sin no more." What did he mean by that?

He also said "There is no one good, no not one..... God alone is good." Care to comment?


Sin is slavery to false beliefs. When we sin we are manifesting actions of "misuse" which correspond to the perversion-inversion of the Divine Design of freedom, liberty and justice which is necessary for love and truth to conjoin together as usefullness - ie. useful actions which help and serve others the way we would want to be treated, etc.

When Jesus said "Go and sin no more" he was, in essence, saying "go and believe what is good and true so that you can be free to help serve and love others."

Jesus's comment "There is no one good, no not one" relates to the fact that there can only be ONE (1) source of all goodness and all truth which is God the Father. If He was to attribute goodness to any other source he would be denying the truth of the Godhead which is one (1) and which cannot be divided, claimed or controlled by another outside or competing source.

When we simply acknowledge God the Father as being the source of ALL energy, light, truth and love in the universe we open the door to inviting Him into our home which is our soul which He is always in constant contact with. There needs to be both consent and a belief which is infused with an active sense of "being aware" that we are constantly in connection with God who is our Father and the source of ALL that is good and true.

Here's a simple phrase which you can repeat any time of the day which gets to the core of this concept:

"Lord I have no plans of my own save those you shall reveal to me."

The Lord God Jesus Christ reveals himself to us through everything in our lives. Every meeting, every word, every feeling, every exchange and observation and thought is part of God revealing himself more and more and more to us. For there is nothing in our universe that isn't "of, by, for and with God."

Even the rocks and stones we walk on from day to day are infused with the energy, light, truth anb love of God!! The more we receive ourselves, the world and others in this way the more luminous and wonderful our world will appear to us. This is what "being born again" is all about. It's not about mankind's religious doctrines and dogma that seek to claim and control our beliefs for the Lord God Jesus Christ and His Kingdom is the manifesation of perfect freedom, liberty and justice in our world and throughout the entire universe.

This is what the "Second Coming" is all about - ie. mankind freely receiving, sharing, celebrating and glorifying more and more of the inner spiritual meaning of His Word which holds all power. This is a continuously unfolding spiritual process, not a one-time physical-literal event. And it's happening to all of us right now!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

The Light Side

In a message dated 2/10/2004 10:10:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, octoberlight77@yahoo.com writes:

Hi Fred,

I liked what you had to say. Can you clarify something for me?
You said:
Evil is an illusion.

Evil spirits find delight in this reverse polarity of the energy of the godhead.

I do not understand the "evil spirits" because if evil is an illusion and evil people (thus spirits?) do not exist, then how can there be evil spirits?


Evil exists as illusion for there is no truth or goodness which manifests use - ie. think of usefullness or helping and serving others through acts of "use" - which is the core essence of the Divine Design.

If you want to believe that hurting, taking, enslaving, controlling and destroying others contains truth or goodness which manifests use then that's another thing altogether. We are all free to believe anything based on what we know and understand is true as it's conjoined-connected to what we find delight in which is based on what we love. The union of goodness and truth - or love and wisdom which I refer to as light - is what true reality is based on. Everything else is an illusion which appears to "exist" only to the extent to which we continue to believe in the lies behind the illusion.

Example: We will continue to feed and fuel the fires of the illusion of death and war to the extent to which we continue to believe that it exists.

For us to believe death exists we must believe evil "exists" in the same sense that it is based on "reality" or the union of goodness and truth, etc. That is, we must give this illusion life based on our beliefs which inevitably conjoin with those things we understand to be true and good and for which such "believing" is a source of delight - ie. love - for us personally. And when we believe in something we give it some or all of the time, trust, energy, light, truth and love which we receive from the Godhead which is our Almighty Father in Heaven who created all that is.

Note that I use the word "illusion" in referference to the absense of goodness and truth. It's up to each one of us to believe in something whether or not goodness and truth is present or not. If we want to believe in the God/Gods of these Black Holes - mankind's Gods - then we will receive and share God/Gods that mirror the elements of these Black Holes which are part of the illusion of evil and consist of the energy, light, truth and love of the Lord God being sucked away from it's source toward all that is nothing where there is no goodness, no truth, no foundation, etc.

Thanks for sharing!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

The Dark Side

Date: 2/10/2004 7:10:21 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: FKSmart
To: dalmeida.carolyn@juno.com
CC: Harmonic_Concordance@yahoogroups.com

In a message dated 2/10/2004 4:48:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, dalmeida.carolyn@juno.com writes:

>Dear ones, you do not have a dark side. Period!>>

This "Chief Joseph" channel sounds a bit pollyanna-ish don't you think? Not at all anything like one would expect to come from the Nez Perce leader. If everyone is truly all love and light, why do such things as murder and rape exist in our world? Why so much greed and selfishness? Why are so many people dying of starvation and disease in the third world?, or even on our own city streets? Or is it just "the other guy" that is responsible for these things? Or perhaps, if we do not see these things, then they do not exist?

The word "sin" makes people uncomfortable, but has
anybody got a better explanation for the state of the world?



Evil is an illusion. All illusions are black holes which are the antithesis of the energy, light, truth and love that comes forth from the son/sun of our being which is one with the Almighty Lord God who created all that is.

When we believe in something false as if it's true we seed these black holes which suck the energy from our divine mind-heart-soul.

Example: Our belief in death fuels the illusion - ie. black hole - of death.

Black holes have zero-no foundation for they contain no truth or goodness. Black holes do indeed take, define, control and claim the light. energy, time, trust, goodness and love of the godhead. Evil spirits find delight in this reverse polarity of the energy of the godhead.

But the good news is that for there to be freedom the conditions under which the illusion of evil can manifest must exist. Without evil we cannot be free for we have to have freedom of choice to be free.

For something to be evil we need to simply examine the "effect" in terms of use, service and usefullness to help-serve others and mankind in general. If you cannot find evidence of a good "effect" then it's the illusion of evil - the black hole - manifesting.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart

The Vicious and Unlawful Persecution of Dick Simkanin

And speaking of the "dark side..."


Forwarded Message:
Subj: RE: The Vicious and Unlawful Persecution of Dick Simkanin by Dottie: Harrison
Date: 2/10/2004 8:27:28 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Bob@givemeliberty.org
To: fksmart@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Thanks Fred. This is exactly was needs to be done. Mike is working on a comprehensive status report to be posted on our web site.

-----Original Message-----

Subj: The Vicious and Unlawful Persecution of Dick Simkanin by Dottie: Harrison
From: fksmart@aol.com [mailto:fksmart@aol.com]
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 10:58 PM
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Subject: The Vicious and Unlawful Persecution of Dick Simkanin by Dottie: Harrison


Bob Graham and I would like to host a conference call - we can host up to 100 callers only - to discuss ways We The People can be sure to document, record and share the individual and collective testimonies of those who attended Dick Simkanin's trial.

Bob Graham is one of the senior leaders of the tax honesty movement. To this day we have confirmed - just today in fact - that Inside government sources view Bob Graham as one of THE FIVE MOST DANGEROUS INDIVIDUALS IN THIS COUNTRY. Dangerous? Dangerous to what and who we should ask? Bob beat a willful failure to file charge, but ended up serving 31 months in federal prison for trumped up administrative charges relating to the danger he posted to the IRS's ability to administer their fraudulent tax policies. Bob is a man of brilliant passion and idealism and his central point is SIMPLE:


Dozens of individuals from all across the country WITNESSED A CRIME!! And this crime against justice and Dick Simkanin MUST BE DOCUMENTED FULLY AND COMPLETELY!! And a grand jury must be convened to go over this information so that prosecution and indictments can begin against those who have been waging this injustice against Dick Simkanin.

This should not be just another sleepy time of "more of the same" appeals. The system is completely and totally OFF the moorings of justice. And it's high time for We The People to gather together to bring this audit trail back into alignment with the cause of Divine Justice in our world.

So if anyone reading this attended Dick's trail or knows of anyone who attended Dick's trial please call 888-606-9379 or email me so we can begin the process of recording and documenting this crime against Dick Simkanin.

And towards this end I'd like to urge everyone to read the wonderful work done in this area by Dottie Harrison - see http://dottie.clickhere2.net/Simkanin.html - who was a witness to this crime against humanity. There are others who have documented bites and pieces of this crime on their blogs and in their personal emails. All this information needs to get documented and preserved NOW!!! Not later!!

Bob Graham and I would like to work with Dottie and everyone who attended Dick's trial. This needs to get done now!! I'd like to work with Hank Goltz and others in the WTP Texas community to coordinate this process. We know much good work and documentation has already been done by Bob Schulz and others among WTP, but we need to take this to a grand jury because a crime has been committed and We The People must do something about this now!!

So please call or email me. I am simply reaching out to help Bob Graham for it was his idea to get this ball rolling. You can read more about Bob Graham by visiting his website over at feartheirs.com.

We are looking forward to your call!!

Pray for Dick Simkanin!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

10,000 Copies of The People's Income Tax Guide Heading for Chicago...

Sent this out last week.


Date: 2/6/2004 2:44:24 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: FKSmart@aol.com
Reply-to: coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us
To: gpragovich@sbcglobal.net, PLANETNEWS@aol.com, WTPChristian@yahoogroups.com, People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com, coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us, apfn-1@yahoogroups.com, legality-of-income-tax@yahoogroups.com, CCCC-USA@yahoogroups.com, nite-org@yahoogroups.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

In a message dated 2/6/04 1:13:08 AM Central Standard Time, income@constitutionalincome.com writes:

Hi Fred:

Thank you for circulating this information about our People's Income Tax Guide. You had mentioned ording 20,000 of them. Are you still of that mindset? It will only be a few more weeks before we go back to the printer. If you wanted to get a large quanity, we should start thinking about it now. We've sold quite a few already. We're also talking to our printer now about doing another run.

yours, Phil


That was Phil Hart's email above. As mentioned in an earlier email, Phil Hart -
constitutionalincome.com - provided one of the highlights of We The People

Foundation's First Annual Conference in the form of his "The People's Income Tax
Guide", a 16 page pamphlet his created along with Don Harkins and Ingrid Cassel
of the Idaho Observer - idaho-observer.com

We The People of Illinois will be ordering 10,000 copies of The People's Income Tax Guide.

We The People of Illinois are planning a volunteer TaxGuide task force to distribute these during the 4-6 weeks leading up to April 15th. Our only question is whether to focus on a single city-town of say 10,000 residents or try to barrage folks at the Exchanges downtown as well as the commuter train stations to and from Chicago.

In making this commitment I'd like to reach out to others all across the country so as to expand the creation of this "mindset" with a sense of urgency to others to do the same ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

The power is in the numbers.

The season is upon us.

This information must get out to We The People and this little pamphlet is a wonderful vehicle for this purpose.

After all, with Larken's CD soon to be released "The People's Income Tax Guide" is going to be just the thing We The People need to expand and shape the growing public awareness of this "fraud to end all frauds."

I've received several supportive emails about this idea. I have attached below comments from Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer, former IRS revenue agent John Turner and Devvy Kidd, Executive Director of We The People Congress.

If anyone would like to be part of this effort the idea is pretty simple: We The People are observing, recording and confronting wrongdoing. This is our central-core calling as a free people. It's up to We The People to "institutionalize vigilance" and allow the Lord God Almighty to work his Divine will of freedom, liberty and truth through each one of us as He asserts once and for all time the reins of authority which will dissolve this out of control matrix of slavery and control that's mired in deceit, fraud and corruption.

The reins of the audit trail of justice belong with We The People which means every single individual who walks the face of this wonderful world we've been born into. By "audit trail" I'm referring to anything and everything that relates to observing, recording and confronting wrongdoing in our world. That our elected servants have turned the courts of justice into moneymaking enterprises of injustice is our fault. We must take full responsibility of this fact and stop pointing fingers at others for it only wastes our personal and collective energy.

We The People can use a variety of technologies from emails, blogs, forums and conference calls to record these efforts. Bob Schulz and the leaders of this movement have set the example:


Let's get this initiative underway. The People's Income Tax Guide along with Larken's CD is going to make for perhaps one of THE most powerfully combined grassroots-based statement against fraud, tyranny and corruption since Thomas Paine's Common Sense 228 years ago.



Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois


Received from Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer:


Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We feel good about the guide and believe it can be a tool to undo the extortion racket common known as the federal income tax.

BTW--it was Phil's daughter Sara--not his son--who helped at the Library of Congress.

Good luck in this weird new year.

Don H.


Subj:RE: A Simple Plan To End SLAVERY: "We" The People's Income Tax Guide
Date:1/29/04 10:54:28 AM Central Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I want to thank you for this exposure of Phil’s brand new little pamphlet. Phil’s book is a wonderful, documented explanation and illustration of our deceitful income tax system. Realistically, however, far too few will purchase that book or read it. This little pamphlet is a condensed, attractive and an inexpensive way of appealing to the masses. People in the northeast who use trains, subways and busses should find this little thing of interest for their otherwise boring commutes.

I encourage folks in the “freedom movement” to purchase this pamphlet in bulk and distribute it far and wide, over and over. For those on a tight budget, perhaps they would be willing to forego a few family pizza’s and/or a few visits to the movie theater in order to have the funds immediately available. Tom Paine used the pamphleteering method and there is no reason we cannot employ pamphleteering today!

As we reach out to the public at large we hope to capture their hearts and minds. If however all we can do initially is to give them honest, thought-provoking information that plants seeds of doubt, something that works on the cognitive dissonance barrier that we all encounter, then we have taken a worthwhile first step.

Thanks Fred!

John Turner


Subj: [legality-of-income-tax] A Simple Plan To End SLAVERY
Date: 1/30/04 5:18:26 AM Central Standard Time
From: devvyk@earthlink.net
To: FKSmart@aol.com
CC: hart101@imbris.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I bought 200 of these from Phil before I left for the convention. Phil was
kind enough to send me their "almost final" draft and I knew when I read it
that it would be a valuable tool on the educational side of this movement.
Knowledge is power as I've been saying for almost 14 years, which is why I
wrote my Bankrupt America booklet. You can't expect people to support any
cause if they don't understand the problem.

I retired my booklets after putting out two million of them. Phil and Don
Harkins' new publication, I feel, will be the next "blockbuster" and
rightly so. This little pamphlet is superior and will educate people in
such a way that if we could get 10 million of them distributed, the house
of cards will collapse.

I've already sent out batches of 25 to people I know who will buy their own
lots of them. Thank you for spreading the word.


Friday, February 06, 2004

The Constitution Is Not The Answer

By Michael Gaddy

January 27, 2004

For those who truly cherish liberty, it is reality check time. If nothing else, our history should have taught us that regardless of how much we yearn for the adherence to the Constitution, the true blueprint for freedom is not to be found there.


Several members of the ruling elite in Massachusetts had to ante up their own resources to provide the force/troops necessary to put down the rebellion of those who saw taxation as slavery. This inspired those who adore government and its trappings to move to insure government would use the resources/lives of its citizens to enforce the will of the ruling elite in the future.

Leonard L. Richards, a Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, says Shays's Rebellion, though seemingly a local affair, was the revolution that gave rise to modern American democracy. This has proven to be a true statement, as this was the beginning of the move that took us from a constitutional republic, to that of a democracy.

All of the state apologists historians (is there any other kind now?) dote on "democracy" and forget that Jefferson called democracy “mob rule.” George P. Fletcher of Columbia Law School, and journalist Garry Wills, praises Abraham Lincoln for severely perverting the Constitution in order to bring us the wonderful democracy we enjoy today.

With the power to coerce firmly in hand, granted to them by the new Constitution, the government had the force necessary to put down another tax revolt just a few short years later when the citizens rebelled against the tax on whiskey. (Whiskey Rebellion)


This history reveals that the true patriots of the time were totally correct in their failure to support the Constitution. George Mason plainly stated these positions in his “Objections to this Constitution of Government”. He and Patrick Henry knew all too well that when the individual states became subservient to the behemoth that would be central government, the hard fought for liberty would cease to exist.

Patrick Henry refused to attend the Convention in Philadelphia where the Articles of Confederation were to be revised, stating he “smelt a rat.” It was at this convention the Articles were abandoned in favor of a Constitution that had at its core a strong central government. Henry mustered all of his oratorical skill in an attempt to defeat the proposed Constitution.


Henry was most concerned with the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. He pointed to the absurdity of having bills "to defend you against the state government, which is bereaved of all power" without a similar guarantee against the power of the federal government. By doing so you "arm yourselves against the weak and defenseless, and expose yourselves naked to the armed and powerful."

Mason supported Henry's thoughts in stating that "the question then will be, whether a consolidated government can preserve the freedom and secure the rights of the people." Mason challenged his fellow Virginians to do what the Philadelphia Convention had refused to do--to create a new government if and only if the rights of the people were guaranteed. Henry prophetically added that the "tyranny of Philadelphia may be like the tyranny of George III."

Mason and Henry, through their efforts, were able to obtain a “Bill of Rights” added to the Constitution. Our greatest problem is: the Constitution has allowed those in government to be the arbiters of these “rights.” This is analogous to allowing the Mafia to amend criminal law.


So then what is the answer?

Three numbers 764 which corresponds to "God" the prime of which is 191!


Frodo Speaks

"Frodo", a good friend of mine who hails from back east, writes:

"What frees our country is what the founders thought. It is a central government that serves very few purposes and is totally dependent on the will of the people, not the politicians. Those functions of a central government are: defense, road building, currency control and the post office (delivering the mail). Today we are taught to fear the central government with very good reason. They hate us when we assert our rights under God and the Constitution. The right wing are Dictators and the left wing are Communists. The rest of us are just working patriots."


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Bob Schulz Listened To My/Our Audioblog Report

Got a call from Bob Schulz on the tollfree 888 number. He said he had received my email, visited my blog and listened to the audioblog about the DVD production on his interview with Tahutee Dishman and Romulus Dorsey on their program, "Your Financial Wellness" which airs each month on the Chicago public access cable network, CAN-TV. Bob was interested in obtaining a copy of the DVD and perhaps explore ways we can work to get copies distributed to more folks here in Chicago and around the country.

I put Bob on hold and called up Tahutee Dishman who picked up on his Nextel phone - yes eventually we'll get Tahutee's private dispatch number so Bob, myself and others can be just one push-button away from each other. In any event, Bob thanked Tahutee for their time and effort in making this production possible. He went on to talk about the WTP conference and the fact that he's very interested in getting a copy of Allen Keyes' keynote speech after the dinner on Saturday evening of the conference. Allen hit home on the connection between slavery in our world and the destructively-degrading influence of the personal federal income tax. Tahutee sounded very interested in getting a copy of
Allen's speech and said he would see to it that it gets airtime here on public cable access here in Chicago.

Tomorrow I will be mailing my personal DVD copy of Tahutee and Romulus' three interviews with Bob Schulz. We are planning on getting an inventory of 25 copies of this DVD so we can price and ship it accordingly to those interested.

WTP cook county Illinois will be having a meeting next Wednesday at 3355 W. Eastwood right across from Theodore Roosevelt High School. The meeting will begin at 6:30 pm and extend to 9:30 pm. We hope to have Tahutee, Romulus, Mick Grady, TJ Henderson and many others there. The first 45 minutes of our meeting will be a presentation on the best of video and audio evidence surrounding 9/11. Our host, Rosalie Grable, is one of THE premier audio-video archivists on 9/11 history.



"The Constitution is a radical document," said Bill Clinton in 1992

"The Constitution is a radical document...it is the job of the
government to rein in people's rights."

- President W.J.Clinton on MTV - 1992

Click here for some more great quotes.



Bob Schulz on Chicago Public Cable Access Show: Your Financial Wellness

Yesterday I received my personal DVD copy of Capricorn Productions public cable access taping of Bob Schulz which is airing here in Chicago on Chicago's Public Cable Access Network - CAN-TV.

Your Financial Wellness hosts Romulus Dorsey and Tahutee Mahadishman spent 2+ hours interviewing Bob on the evening of his arrival here in Chicago on Tuesday December 8th. Three (3) segments were taped. All three (3) are available on DVD for a cost to be determined by Capricorn Productions.

Here's an audioblog interview with Mick Grady, a local We The People volunteer who has viewed and received direct feedback from the Your Financial Wellness interview with Bob Schulz.

Powered by audblogaudio post powered by audblog

This is a very fine quality production which was done on the south side of Chicago in a remote studio with the effort of many folks volunteering their time and energies to help promote this cause. Hundreds of thousands of individuals here in Chicago are being exposed to We The People through this production. Chicago's CAN-TV is already planning on airing this production for a second time during the month of April just prior to April 15th.

I will have a payment-shipping link for individuals who may be interested in obtaining a copy of this DVD containing these 3 interview segments. I would like to personally thank hosts Tahutee Mahadishman and Romulus Dorsey along with Cecielia Harris - the Producer of this production - for the special time, care and effort they put in to making this show possible.




Fred Smart
Chicago, Illinois

Greatness is having never intended it. It is the humility of heart and mind that remains unchanged by public disdain. It is a discovery of something valuable within the deepest source of being, and which fearlessly expresses itself although inconvenient and unfashionable to do so. It is the inspiration of the truth within and yet apart from the individual, and it is the act of knowledge which distinguishes popular acclaim from the profound voice of the soul within which says: Well done, my good and faithful servant. Greatness is the unaided event of the truth because a soul has listened to God rather than to man. It is the integrity of truth which has granted the individual his or her own integrity without supplication or solicitation. It is the transformation from a self-acclaiming and self-blaming person into someone whose only loyalty and allegiance is to the truth itself and for the sake of love. From "The Mission of Anglion" by J. Dean Fagerstrom

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