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Saturday, January 31, 2004

What makes 100%?

Special thanks to Tim Wingate for passing this along!


Date: 1/30/04 1:54:13 PM Central Standard Time
From: BeFreeNow1
BCC: FKSmart

(Thanks Joe R. for this one)

What makes 100%?

Ever wonder about those people who want you to give over 100%?

What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these




is represented as:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26,


8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%

11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%

2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

and, look how far ass kissing will take you:

1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can then conclude with mathematical certainty that:

While Hardwork and Knowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, Bullshit and Ass Kissing will put you over the top


Let's apply the Anglion System to this and see what happens as follows:

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ = 12345678912345678912345678

HARD (8194) WORK (5692) = 13886 = 131 Prime X 106


KNOWLEDGE (256535475) = 488639 prime X 525

The "knowledge prime" of 488639 divided by the "Hard Work Prime" of 131 = 3730 + 9


ATTITUDE (12292345) = 673 prime X 18265


BULLSHIT (23331892) = 1021 prime X 22852

ASS (111) KISSING (2911957) = 2912068 = 728017 prime X 4

Let's subtract the "Bullshit prime" of 1021 from the "Knowledge Prime" of 488639 = 243809 prime X 2

Now let's see how this corresponds with the "ass kissing prime" of 728017 on the calendar as follows:

The 728017th day since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ was 19871107 - the eve of my wife, Maribeth's 29th birthday, which was also the eve of the Divine Conception day of the Lord God Jesus Christ in 7 BC. This was actually 44 X 2 days from the birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ, 19870811. And 44 X 2 days from 19871107 was 19880203 which was the "I Am" (2/3, 23) mo/day.

Let's go to the calendar day that corresponds to the prime of 243809 which is the conjunctive prime between the Bullshit prime" of 1021 from the "Knowledge Prime" of 488639 = 243809 prime X 2 as follows:

243809 prime X 3 = 731427 which corresponds to 19970309 which is 3410 days from the calendar day 19871107 which corresponds to the "Ass Kissing prime" of 728017.

And 3410 = 31 prime X 110 which is the prime of phrase "The Lord God" as follows:

The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153

The moral of this exercise is simple:

You can seek knowledge or bullshit, but even when you subtract the prime essence of one versus the other, it still requires the prime of "the Lord God" to connect to the prime day which corresponds with "ass-kissing". But, bottom line, the prime of HARD (8194) WORK (5692) = 13886 = 131 Prime X 106 brings us back to "one" as follows:

One (655) = 131 prime X 5

The prime essence of "Hard Work" also corresponds with these many other correspondences as follows:

Aphax (17816) = 131 prime X 136 - the famous mathematician and gentleman from the area around Thebes Egypt in 2700 BC who's claim to fame was his discovery that the Lord God of the universe would be born in this world on the 11th day of one of the 12 months. The Aphax Society was "activated" on my birthdate, February 5th, in the year 1772, 9 days after the Anglion Society in Heaven and Earth was commissioned by the Lord God Jesus Christ to be overseen by Emanuel Swedenborg on 17720127. When it comes to these mathematical formulas and cycles, The Aphax Society in Heaven acts like the software-code writing companies of today.

Anglion (1573965) = 131 prime X 12015 - the society in Heaven which is overseen by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) and is responsible for the return of this Divine Science of Numerical correspondences which is embedded in the prime number system and used to thrive in the ancient world.

Justus (131231) Dean (4515) Fagerstrom (6175912964) = 6176048710 = 131 prime X 47145410 who is the Founder of The Center of Sacred Studies from which this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences was once again received, documented and shared with others such as myself.

And today is the only mo/day combination on the current Gregorian calendar which corresponds to the 1/31 (131) prime of "Hard Work".

The end of the next cycle of 131 prime days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ will be 20040318 which mirrors John 3:18:

John 3:18 "He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."

- http://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/Jhn/Jhn003.html

47 days prior to today, 1/31, is 20031215, Bill of Rights Day which, if you add 13023 days - the number of days the Lord God Jesus Christ lived from August 11th in 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7th in 30 AD - brings us to the birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ, August 11th in the year 2039.

The other very significant aspect to 131 prime is the fact that is was/is the prime of the Universal Numerical Designator for November 8, 2003 which was the Harmonic Concordance Day when there was a lunar eclipse that was accompanied by the sign of the six-sided Star of David in the heavens. The Harmonic Concordance occurred on the Divine Conception date of the Lord God Jesus Christ - which was also my wife, Maribeth's, 44th birthday - which was 89 prime days from the Divine Birthdate, August 11th which was the 89th day in a cycle which began on the first Lunar eclipse last year which occurred on May 15th. On the Harmonic Concordance Day my wife and I were traveling from Las Vegas to Snowbird Utah - in the mountains above Salt Lake City. On that day our ages added up to 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August. While we were driving along interstate 15 the 191 mileage mark - which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4 - occurred EXACTLY at 3:56 pm which corresponds to Leo (356). There were many things I documented on that trip which confirmed the importance of that day in history. And 89 "prime of Leo (356) days from 20031108 will be my 46th birthday, 20040205. 46 equals 23 prime X 2 which corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

The Universal Numerical Designator for the Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108, was 733862 which is 131 prime X 5602. The real conjunctive prime for this date is actually 2801 which, if you remove the one conjunctive zero "0", mirrors 281 prime which is the spiritual numerical designator of the Lord God Jesus Christ's "corrected" birthdate which takes into account the 2334 days in BC time that he lived. 281 prime corresponds to Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 = 1+1 = 2.

The Harmonic Concordance 11/08 mo/day combination corresponds to 1108 which factors into 277 prime X 4. 277 is the average gestation period for a baby and is also prime of this important phrase:

Divine (494955) Love (3645) = 498600 = 277 prime X 1800

The same 131 prime day cycle back to the birth of Christ which coincides with the Harmonic Concordance Day also coincides with the day my mother and father were married in 1951 as follows:

20031108 - 19510618 = 19126 = 131 prime X 146

146 is 73 prime X 2. 73 prime corresponds to the Lord God Jesus Christ's numerical designator for his resurrection and glorification day of his Divine Human on April 9th 2 days after he was crucified in 30 AD. The corrected year was 36 AD and the mathematical expression for the date is 360409 which becomes Day 9, Month 4, Year 36 = 3+6= 9. Thus 360409 becomes 949 which is 73 prime X 13.

One last thing to analyze and share.......

Let's examine the difference between the 131 prime of "Hard Word" and the 673 prime of "attitude" as follows:

ATTITUDE (12292345) = 673 prime X 18265 minus HARD (8194) WORK (5692) = 13886 = 131 Prime X 106 = 542 = 271 prime X 2

271 prime has a unique attribute: 31 cycles of 271 prime days corresponds to EXACTLY 23 prime years on our calendar. And as we reviewed above, 31 is the prime of "The Lord God" and 23 corresponds to "I Am" which was the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. But, even more important for this current year of 2004 is the fact that 271 happens to be the prime of the Universal Numerical Designator of the Divine Birthdate, August 11, 2004 - 20040811 - ie. 734139 = 271 prime X 2709. And if you go 31 "The Lord God" cycles of 271 prime days prior to 20040811 you will come to 19810811 which was the Divine Birthdate in the year when I was 23 "I Am" years old.

The other interesting aspect to 271 prime is that it is also the numerical designator to 19990711 - July 11, 1999 - which was "My Jesus Day" - ie. derived by adding Jesus (15131) days to my birthdate, 19580205. 19990711 was also 31, the prime of "the Lord God", days from 19990811 which was when there was a total solar eclipse of the sun on the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

What does all this mean?

I know there's some tongue in cheek to some of this, but there's also a very real and vibrant reception and sharing of simple evidence of the unified cycles which are part of the Divine Design of our Lord God Jesus Christ's universal infinite and perfect creation which we are all connected to and all directly part of manifesting in our world and throughout our universe.

You can receive what I have shared by making a very simply choice:

1) Turn the light switch on.

2) Turn the light switch off.

When we turn the light switch to the "on" position everything in the otherwise dark room becomes illuminated. We no longer "see" ourselves, each other and the world through conditional matrix which we have been trained to believe is true and real. By "conditional" I am referring to understanding and knowledge that's received and shared against a dark-opaque backdrop. This is not unlike the effect of waving torches back and forth inside a very dark cave while trying to get the attention, time, trust and energy of others in the cave to be connected to the conditional light we are waving. Conditional understanding and knowledge is flawed for it is political in nature: ie. we learn to understand and respect the light of truth not for itself and the sake of service and use to/for others but for the claims being asserted by the individual or group waving the torch inside the dark cave. The case for/against the Iraq war is a very good example of this: despite all the massive amount of evidence - ie. truth and light - against Iraq being an immediate threat to our country - We The People were bowled over by the many "conditional" - ie. political - claims being asserted by this and that "expert" leader or administration official.

Our invasion of Iraq became just another in a long series of insane exercises of waving so many torches inside so many caves to create enough fear and uncertainty to achieve a desired backdrop of illusion from which these imposters could fool enough people to feel justified in carrying out illegal and unlawful actions which have killed destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of innocent individuals.

But when We The People receive information and knowledge from a conditional perspective we will always be potentially fooled by the dark-opaque backdrop from which we are receiving such light - ie. truth. A waving torch inside a dark cave is tantamount to a warning, claim or threat. What We The People desperately need is to transcend the conditions, restrictions and limitations imposed by our lack of understanding of the darkness in our world. Trying to believe in darkness brings on a certain level of insanity, fear and madness which cannot be overcome unless we overcome some of our egoic claims to self. When we claim to own/control our selves we are actually turning away from the simple acknowledgment of the Lord God Jesus Christ's perfect, infinite and continuous plan for our eternal redemption and salvation. The backdrop goes dark and the light becomes waving torches based on the extent to which we acknowledge ourselves and not the Lord in the things we receive, share and do from second to second, moment to moment, day to day.

But if we can just imagine for a second the "effect" of a simple belief in the infinite power in the Heavenly light of truth which, like the sunlight shining down on us everyday, can be freely received and shared by everyone we can then expand upon this belief by following this connected divine vision that helps, serves and supports everyone as we all walk into this New Day in this New World in this New Age of Aquarius which is dawning on mankind.

Imagine walking out of a dark cave into the light of this New Day!! Imagine with wonder the feeling of become perhaps overcome by the brightness and connectedness of the scene before you and everyone. The Light of Divine Truth which shines upon everyone and everything!! And Divine Love which come from the Lord God and is received from within by everyone and everything. And the connection of this Divine Truth and Love in a fusion which becomes ACTIONS - useful actions - which help and serve others and supports the eternally perfect mission of the Divine Design of the Lord God which radiates throughout the entire universe.

I know I have wandered from the numbers, but the music is still playing!! And the dancing continues. And this wonderful picnic celebration of the Lord God's energy, light, truth and love continues to expand and build and go higher and higher in the light of this New Day that is dawning in our wonderful world.

It is my sincere hope and prayer that more and more of We The People can come out into this New Light which is shining in this New Day and learn the value of connecting, helping and serving others as we always acknowledge that it's the Lord God Jesus Christ - the Master Servant and Creator of the universe - leading the way by being "the first" and yet walks truly in "the last" place in this New parade. For as he said, "the last shall be first."

That's what makes 100%!

Peace and God Bless,


Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Former assistant secy of the U.S. Treasury blows whistle on role of income tax

I sent this out to the net earlier today.


Date: 1/28/2004 8:31:04 AM Pacific Standard Time
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This is an incredible piece - ie. basically an open admission by a former Assistant of the U.S. Treasury that the United States is an unfree nation of SLAVES.

This is not simply "blowing the whistle". This is more like setting off a nuclear bomb of truth.

I predict Ladies and Gentlemen, from here on out SLAVERY in our modern world will become THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT FOR ANY INDIVIDUAL WITH A CONSCIENCE TO DISCUSS.

The War on Terror, Patriot Act, the election and everything else are simply massive distractions away from the necesity of We The People to focus on the ONE (1) thing that matters in our world: observing, reporting and confronting SLAVERY in all it's perverse manifested "effects" which have been perverting and corruptive divine justice while it destroys and wars againsat the causes freedom and liberty our world.

The central dark core of evil - really a spiritual black hole - is simply an unquenchable lust to rule, claim and control the the time, trust, energy, life and love We The People receive from the Lord God our Almighty Creator.

Please take the time to read "America the Unfree" by Paul Craig Roberts -see below. This is a piece which should be shared and shouted from the top of Mount Everest and every major mountain on the face of this wonderful world.

It's high time that We The People begin this worldwide conversation on the subject of SLAVERY. Thank you Paul Craig Roberts for setting off this nuclear bomb of truth which will spread throughout the world and begin this process of reform and transformation as more and more of this evil is exposed for what it really is.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

PS. Special thanks to John Dulany for passing this along.

Subj: Fw: Former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury blows whistle on role of income tax ...
Date: 1/28/2004 7:30:32 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: jdulaney@nctc.com
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Need I say more?

America the Unfree by Paul Craig Roberts

by Paul Craig Roberts

The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal's tenth annual Index of Economic Freedom pulls the wool over our eyes. The deception is unintentional and arises from a fatal flaw in the index.

The index delivers the comforting conclusion that the US is the 10th most free country, far ahead of 155th ranked North Korea. However, the index ignores the simple truth that people who do not own the product of their labor are not free. People subject to an income tax do not own the product of their labor.

Our Founding Fathers understood this. Indeed, historically the very definition of freedom has been self-ownership. Serfs and slaves are not free, because they do not own their labor.

Any American who thinks he owns his labor can test the proposition by refusing to pay his income tax. He will quickly discover that he is not a free person.

The Heritage index is ahistorical. It is blind to the enormous loss of freedom in the 20th century, especially in the US and the UK. It takes as its starting point the re-enserfment of populations and predicates a "freedom" index on unfree labor.

This extraordinary failing reduces a valuable study to a propaganda device.

Compare an American taxpayer's situation today with that of a 19th century American slave. Not all slaves worked on cotton plantations. Some with marketable skills were leased to businesses or released to labor markets, where they worked for money wages. Just like the wages of today's taxpayer, a portion of the slave's money wages was withheld. In those days the private owner, not the government, received the withheld portion of the slave's wages.

Slaves in that situation were as free as today's American taxpayer to choose their housing from the available stock, purchase their food and clothing, and entertain themselves.

In fact, they were freer than today's American taxpayer. By hard work and thrift, they could save enough to purchase their freedom.

No American today can purchase his freedom from the IRS.

Slaves could also run away. Today, Americans who run away are pursued to the far ends of the earth. Indeed, the IRS can assert its ownership rights for years after an American gives up his citizenship and becomes a citizen of a different country. The IRS need only claim that the former American gave up his citizenship for tax reasons.

I challenge Heritage and the Wall Street Journal to initiate a broader index of freedom, one that not only includes self-ownership, but also the Bill of Rights that defines our civil liberties and the 14th Amendment that insists on equality before the law.

Such an index would reveal that the US is a stunningly unfree country. The lowest federal tax rate in combination with the Social Security and Medicare tax confers serf status upon lower income groups. The top tax rate, federal and state, converts successful Americans into government's slaves.

The protective principles in law that ensure our civil liberties - no crime without intent, no bills of attainder, no retroactive law, the attorney-client privilege, no self-incrimination - have been eroded beyond recognition. Wars against the Mafia, drug dealers, child abusers, and terrorists - accused whose convictions are thought necessary at all costs - have eviscerated the Bill of Rights. Today not even multi-billionaires can fight off prosecutorial frame-ups.

Americans believe that they are free until they encounter the "justice" system, at which time they learn that they are as helpless as medieval serfs.

The "civil rights revolution" destroyed equality before the law. Today rights are race- and gender-based. We have resurrected the status-based rights of feudalism. The new privileges belong to "preferred minorities" rather than noble families.

Neoconservative delusion that America has a monopoly on virtue and the right to impose American values on the world prevents a realistic look at the deplorable state of freedom in America today. It is a paradox that a country that has abandoned freedom and re-enserfed its population sees itself as role model for the world.

January 28, 2004

Dr. Roberts is John M. Olin Fellow at the Institute for Political Economy, Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and a former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury. He is the co-author of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Thoughts For Today

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Today is the 232nd anniversary of the Founding of the Anglion Society in Heaven and Earth - see anglion.net


Fred Smart - reporting

Monday, January 26, 2004

Brief Overview of WTP Conference

The first annual WTP Conference wrapped up Saturday evening on a very positive note. The lawsuit against the IRS and Dept of Justice has been filed. Bob Schulz delivered a check for $100K to Mark Lane as the first installment to cover phase I of the suit. There will be two or more classes to the suit, but Mark Lane made a very strong point of sharing their interest in hearing from and getting the support from any individual(s) who have in any way feel they have been the target of reprisals from the IRS due to their public stand on the issue.

As I mentioned in my audioblog, the speeches by Allen Keyes and Hutton Gibson were two high points of the conference. Hutton is a very engaging older man with the spirit of a teenager. As Bob Schulz said after Hutton was finished speaking, "I don't believe I have heard more truth packed into one speech in my entire life that what you just shared with our audience." Allen Keyes spoke after our main dinner on Friday. zeroed in on the subject of SLAVERY by comparing it to the effects of our current fraudulently soured and applied income tax system. A rabbi spoke after Keyes on the subject of this massive clash between our Judeo-Christian values and those of the emerging Secular Fundamentalism that has been stalking our world.

There was a very well-attended panel on judicial and prosecutorial misconduct as it related to the Federal Income Tax system. One of the highlights was a speech by Vernice Kuglin which closed on a very hopeful note. Most everyone was very positive and hopeful that this fraud - and many other related problems - are closer to being exposed resolved before a watchful world. But a price has to be paid. For this is how the truth functions. When darkness and fraud of evil is exposed by the light of truth, love and understanding there's naturally a coiled effect that reacts against those that are trying to share the light. This is not unlike what happens when a dam or a wall of separation finally bursts or falls. The water of truth will always seek a new level as it continues to flow toward the sea of oneness and unity wherein everything inevitably comes from and returns.

Sherry Peel Jackson made her speech on stage with her husband and two teenage children standing right behind her. My God if that sight didn't choke everyone up I don't know what could. Truly very, very inspiring and positive.

Another moment which I will always recall with a choke in the back of my throat and a tear in my eye was the conclusion of Ed Griffin's speech on the subject of "An idea whose time has come..." As many of you reading this already know, Ed has started "Freedom Force International" which is an organization dedicated to bringing the fire and truth of the values and principals of freedom, liberty and justice back into the power centers of our world.

As I said to many folks during and after the conference was over "the market for freedom and liberty in our country is on the rise!"

I will have more to share, but the bottom line is that this First Annual Conference was a BIG success. There's a growing feeling of conviction that, thanks to the
direct help of the Lord God, this movement will successfully be reaching out and connecting to other groups who, across the entire spectrum, have been seeking redress from an out of control servant government that's been masquarading as the master.

The time has arrived for this final phase to manifest. This will be a gloriously challenging time, but We The People can and should have a lot of fun during this time.

Peace and God Bless,



Thoughts from Regan National Airport

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Thursday, January 22, 2004

WTP Conference update: End of Day One

There is definitely a very strong feeling in the air surrounding this conference that We The People are moving into a very critically charged period of change for our country. The level of emotion, care and concern for events surrounding the Iraq War, the 2nd amendment situation and the recent travesty of the Dick Simkanin case seem to be coalescing the energy into a full-frontal assault of actions, declarations, proclamations and lawsuits.

One of the very positive things I received today was confirmation that Mark Lane is definitely THE MAN to take on this class action lawsuit. Mark Lane came across to me as a man with the kind of integrity, energy, passion and vision necessary to spearhead this process. I know there are many who have had their doubts about the costs associated with this trial plus reservations about the fact that Mark is an attorney. I still have my issues with their allegiance to the court first above the client - and even manytimes the truth. But my first impressions of Mark Lane do not paint him with these reservations. This man has been working for 52 years in his profession. He even said that 52 years is about 1/4 of the official legal history of our Republic.

I was also very impressed with Charlie Beall's speech. This man is passionate, informed. aware and God-centered. Charlie is a true sovereign American who walks side by side with Bob Schultz and the rest of We The People. He may not understand the value of the blogs, but give this man some time. His voice needs to get out to more individuals. He was full of a preacher's sense of righteous justice. He was infused with the passion of the fire of our Lord God Jesus Christ's energy, light, truth and love. We need more Charlie Beall's to walk freely and openly in our world. He's running his business and no doubt is a very busy man, but all these roads are now at the point of being Divinely inspired and crafted to come together. I can feel this process manifesting. This conference is providing the proof that We The People are rising up to proclaim, declare and secure our rightful and lawful place in history as the ministers of God's justice here on earth.

This isn't a self-righteous claim. It's actually a very humbling process. For we are all observing, recording and confronting tyranny, injustice, fraud, deceit and corruption. We are ALL involved and responsible for the unfolding of this process of exposing the wrongdoing of this "system of injustice".

There are still way too many references in today's speeches of "government", "the government", etc. We The People are doing a gross injustice to even begin to use the sacred word "government" in association with the fraud, deceit and corruption we are witnessing all around us. For We The People ARE the government. And all true governments are Divinely instituted and managed by God among men to help, serve others as we seek to protect life, liberty and property from the tyranny of despotism which these "systems of power and control" instituted among men have manifested.

I was very surprised at the positive inclusion of the 2nd Amendment groups into this conference. There was a young fellow by the name of Angel Shamaya who founded keepandbeararms.org who's red-hot interested in Bob Schulz's vision for "starving the servant". Angel spoke very passionately in support of We The People's method of using our right to redress our servant government which ultimately will lead to the requirement of "starving the servant" if the servant is refusing to answer our petitions while demanding to take over the house.

Linda Wall's Operation Stop Withholding workshop was a bit disjointed because the overhead projector wasn't working too well. But there was some very good information shared and the questions from the audience came fast and furious. There's a very real palpable sense of coming together as a group going on which I feel is only going to get stronger from here on out.

Tim Randolph, WTP California State coordinator got up and spoke about the steps he took to attempt to get his employer, Rambus Corp., to stop withholding. his started the process on April 1st and ended up being fired on the eve of Thanksgiving. Tax Attorney Paul Chappell made a Freudian slip when he made reference to using Linda Wall's forms which can be used to "cease employment....I mean withholding".

Bob Schulz did an excellent job connecting the threads for everyone between speakers throughout the day. To see him up there at 10:15 pm fielding questions at the end of the workshop was just the tip of the iceberg in evidence of his great devotion toward serving the interests of truth for We The People.

We The People are really confronting slavery, one of the most cruel forces to have tyrannized mankind over the centuries. Those who seek to rule others seek to control and own others. This injustice cannot stand.

One final note about Joseph Sobran. This guy was really, really impressive!! You'll have to get some of his writings and materials. Quality all the way!! All in all the lineup of speakers ranked very, very high on the quality meter for content, passion and interest on my personal scale. Joe cited four documents We The People all need to "carefully" read:

1) Declaration of Independence
2) Articles of Confederation
3) Constitution, Federalist papers and anti-Federalist papers
4) 1798 Kentucky Resolutions

Bob Schulz added # 5 which are our state constitutions.

I bought a ton of books and materials between breaks, including a signed copy of Irwin Schiff's "The Federal Mafia". Irwin looked great. Joe Banister signed another copy of his report. I got some other materials from Joe and gave him a donation above and beyond the cost of the materials in support of his continuing case against the IRS.

I cannot stress this enough: the bottom line is that there's a very real and palpable sense of urgency and purpose about this gathering. The fires of freedom, justice and truth are indeed beginning to burn very bright indeed. I see this increasing exponentially from here on out.

Time for us to take a break and get ready for tomorrow.

Peace and God Bless,


Fred Smart - reporting

PS. I ran 10+ miles to the Capitol Building early this very cold morning here in DC. Retraced our steps on the Capitol Hill mall during our last visit here during the Freedom Drive in 2002. The sun began to rise brilliantly when I took the turn around the Capitol. I stopped and said at prayer while reading Thomas Jefferson's words at his memorial on the way back to Arlington across the bridge.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hello From The WTP First Annual Convention

June Harrison, WTP Coordinator from Boone County, and myself flew to Regan National Airport from Chicago's O'Hare. We got here in less than 2 1/2 hours. Cold weather for these part - mid 20's. Took the shuttle to the Crystal City Marriott. Sat in the lobby for 1-2 hours while we met and chatted with the likes of Niki Hannevig, June and John Ferguson, my fellow roommate from southern Texas.

There's some breaking news over at We The People Foundation's website:


Give Me Liberty 2004 Conference: Breaking News

Right-To-Petition Lawsuit To Be Filed Within Hours
Details To Be Disclosed During Live Video Webcast

"We The People Foundation announced today that the much-anticipated Right-to-Petition class-action lawsuit will be filed before the opening of the three-day Give Me Liberty 2004 conference that commences this Thursday morning just outside our nation's capitol."

"The filing of this action in federal court marks the beginning of what will be a lengthy, and complex legal dispute to resurrect the “long-forgotten” Right of the People to Petition their servant government for redress of their grievances – and the People’s corollary Right to withhold taxes until such redress is secured."


We saw Mike Bodine, Joe Banister and a crew of folks who who were at our meeting with Bob Schulz in Chicago last month. They drove 12 hours in from northern Indiana.

We have from 4-5 local volunteers and coordinators from the greater Chicagoland area. I don't have a sense yet for the turnout, but I would suspect that there's going to be somewhere north of 300 attendees.

Tomorrow will be the biggest "March For Life" since the march began in 1974. Some 250,000+ individuals from all across the nation are expected to convene at 12 noon tomorrow at the elipse in downtown DC in route to the Supreme Court building. Bob Schulz has offered for us and and others with connections to these groups 200 free passes to our conference. I'm not quite sure how we are going to pull this off, but Robert Moore in Chicago has been doing a lot of background calling to set this up. We'll have to check with Bob to see how we are going to get over to the march tomorrow sometime. For more information on this anti-abortion crowd event you can go to this link.

I'll try some audioblogs throughout the next few days, but if you really want to follow the events day by day I'd strongly recommend that folks subscribe to We The People's internet video feed over at this link.

May the Lord God Jesus Christ continue to bless this conference and these proceedings going forward.

Peace and God Bless,


Fred Smart - reporting

Thursday, January 15, 2004

An Analysis of Kyanitedelight's Birthday

I just posted this over at the Harmonic Concordance forum off of the Harmonic Concordance website.



Jan 14, 04 - 11:40 PM my birthday

well, in about an hour I will have been on the earth plane for two full cycles of the zodiac. That's right, I'm about to enter my twenty-fourth year.>>


I'm not perfectly sure, but from the above you could either have been born on these two dates:

1) 19800115


2) 19810115

If you were born in 1980 you will turn 24 today. However you will actually be entering your twenty-fifth year.

If you were born in 1981 you will turn 23 today and will be entering your twenty fourth year.

Either way, if you were born in 1980 you were born in my 23rd year. And if you were born in 1981 you were born in the year I turned 23.

What am I sharing this for???

Because 23 corresponds to "I Am".

I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

The other important thing about today is that it's the beginning of "The GO Year" since the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

20040115 marks day one (1) of the 76th year since the birth of Dr. King on 19290115. And 76 corresponds to GO (76).

The other thing to note about today's date is that 115 also corresponds to "I Am".

115 = 23 "I Am" prime X 5

Now let's examine the cycle of 115 days from todays date in both directions as follows:

20040115 - 23 "I Am" cycles of 115 (2645) days = 19961018 which is the 69th day from/including the Divine Birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ - August 11th (6 BC). And 69 = 23 "I Am" X 3.

20040115 + 23 "I Am" cycles of 115 (2645) days = 20110413 which is 69 days from the "I Am" day/month 2/3 (23).

Today is also 23 "I Am" days from the 72nd birthday -beginning of the 73rd year - of J. Dean Fagerstrom, Founder of The Center of Sacred Studies - anglion.net - which is the manifestation of The Anglion Society in Heaven and Earth commissioned by the Lord God Jesus Christ and overseen in Heaven by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)- swedenborg.com - for the return of this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences to our wonderful world.

The astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August is Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

"The Lion of the Tribe of Judah":

"Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals."

--- Revelation 5:5

Each year "The Leo Day" is the 356th day of the year and is marked by the Winter Solstice, the growing light of the day and the advent of the Fourth Season of Winter which corresponds the advent of the Fourth Era, the Old Christian Era, which preceeded the Fifth Era, The New Jerusalem Age in the Age of Aquarius which we are now moving through: note the New Jerusalem Age began on 19790429 and the Age of Aquarius began on 20000321.

The (285) Leo (356) Day (417) = 1058 = 23 "I Am" X 23 "I Am" X 2

The Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences utilizes English which is the language of Divine Providence. English is like the mighty Amazon River or River Nile which has been influenced by THE most languages on the face of our wonderful world. ALL languages flow into English and it's taken hundreds of years for the current state of Divine Revelation to manifest and take hold for all the world to see, proclaim and celebrate. For this IS what the Second Coming of the Lord God's energy, light, truth and love is all about. Is about connecting, helping, serving, revealing, manifesting and sharing His unconditional energy, light, truth, goodness and love with everything, every individual and for all time in all ways.

Now let's reverse the correspondence of "The Leo Day" and go backward Leo (356) days from the last day of the year as follows:

20031231 - Leo (356) days = 20030109

What do we do now??

Let's examine what happens when we add these two prime numbers - 23 and 191 - to 20030119 as follows:

20030109 + 23 prime + 191 prime = 20030811

23 corresponds to "I Am"

And 191 is the prime of the word God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

So when we add 23 + 191 days to 20030109 - which is Leo (356) days prior to the end of the year these two prime numbers corresponds to the phrase "I Am God"!!

Note that the year 2003 is also a prime number. Note also that if you remove the conjunctive two zeros "00" from 2003 you will end up with 23 "I Am" prime which is, again, the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

I am going to close off this message by giving you two numbers - one for 19800115 and 19810115.

19800115 was 725164 days from August 11, 6 BC, the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

19810115 was 725530 days from August 11, 6 BC, the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

Depending on when you were actually born - 1980 or 1981 - either 725164 or 725530 is what is called your "Universal Numerical Designator" (UND) - ie. depending on your actual birthdate, THE number that defines, describes and elucidates the mathematical and spiritual correspondence between the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ and your birth on either 19800115 or 19810115.

Now we need to calculate the prime values of these two numbers as follows:

725164 = 16481 prime X 44

725530 = 5581 prime X 130

Depending on your actual birthdate, if you play around with this number and the day, year and time cycles associated with it you will find many wonderful examples of the divine connectivity between you and others as well as things, places, times and events in our world.

For example:

19800115 + 16481 prime days = 20250228 - which is 23 "I Am" days from my 67th birthday, 20250205 - two (2) conjoined with the year "25" followed by the month/day 2/05 (25).

19800115 - 16481 prime days = 19341201 - 23 "I Am" prime days = 19341108 which is the Divine Conception Day of the Lord God Jesus Christ in 7 BC. Note also that the Divine Birth, 19340811, is 89 - prime of Leo (356) - days from the Divine Conception Day, 19341108 - and that if you go another 89 "prime of Leo (356)" days you will arrive at 19350205 which is exactly 23 "I Am" years prior to my birth, 19580205.

November 8th, the Divine Conception Day in the "I Am" 2003 prime year was also The Harmonic Concordance Day - also a total lunar eclipse of the sun and my wife Maribeth's 44th birthday - which was 89 "prime of Leo (356)" days from the Divine Birth, August 11th and August 11th was the 89th "prime of Leo (356)" day from/including May 15th which was the first Total Lunar Eclipse of the sun this year.

The year of my birth, 1958, marked the beginning of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "prime of Leo (356)" years since the BC/AD d-mark in our current Gregorian Calendar.

On the Harmonic Concordance Day, 20031108, my age (45) and my wife's age (44), added up to 89 "the prime of Leo (356)".

The advent proof of our Lord God Jesus Christ's First and Second Coming to our world can be found in the prime number table which correspond to the Divine Design, the passing of the stars, planets, even the workings of the subatomic world. Just like a hologram, the smallest piece of the Divine Design is an exact copy of the largest piece.

The coming and passing of the Lord God Jesus Christ from our world from August 11, 6 BC until his crucifixion on April 7, 30 AD and resurrection-glorification on April 9, 30 AD set into motion a perfect mathematical model which emmates from the unity and perfection which can be found in the prime number system which acts like the DNA of the universe which conforms to, confirms, celebrates and glorifies the Divine Image of the Lord God Jesus Christ in everything, everywhere, among everyone and everything for all time.

One final note about today......

When Dr. King was born, 19290115, his Universal Numerical Designator (UND) - ie. the number of days between his birth and August 11, 6 BC, the birth of the Lord God Jesus - was 706537.

706537 = 139 prime X 5083

139 prime corresponds to this phrase....

I (9) Am (14) Here (8595) = 8618 = 139 prime X 62

And the factor, 5083 = 23 "I Am" prime X 221.

So Dr. King was born at the end of the 30719th cycle of 23 "I Am" prime days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC. He was born at the end of the 5083rd cycle of 139 "I Am Here" prime days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

The factor, 30719, is 30 conjoined with 719 prime.

719 prime corresponds to this phrase.....

"Christ the Lord God Go!"

Christ (389912) the (285) Lord (3694) God (764) Go (76) = 394731 = 719 prime X 549

There's another word which is the name of a shining city by the waters of Lake Michigan which corresponds to the same phrase above:

Chicago.....is composed of the following:

1) Chi (389) which is the greek letter "X" which stands for "Christos" which is where the english "Christ" originated from.

2) ca (31) which also corresponds to "us" or this phrase....

The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153

3) GO (76)

The prime of Chicago (3893176) = 3659 prime X 1064

And if you go back 3659 "prime of Chicago" days from today, 20040115, you will arrive at....

20040115 - 3659 prime days = 19940108 which was Elvis's 59th birthday in Heaven. So we have two "Kings" in the form-correspondence of Dr. King's birthday today and Elvis "The King's" birthday in 1994 connected by the prime of Chicago (3893176) which is 3659 days.

Hence today we have Chicago - ie. "Christ the Lord God Go!!" - connecting us with the fresh waters of Lake Michigan where this city resides.

Michigan is composed of...

Mi (49) Gan (715) = God (764)


Chi (389) the greek letter "X" which stands for "Christos" which is where the english "Christ" originated from.

The greek letter "X" also corresponds to St. Andrew's cross. St. Andrew was the patron saint of Greece.

The name of our third son is Andrew. He was born 9 days after 9/11 on the "God is on Day", 9/20 (920):

God (764) is (91) On (65) = 920 = 23 "I Am" prime X 30

Andrew's mother, Maribeth, is 1/2 Greek. On the 19th day of Andrew's life I took him to the Gross Point Lighthouse here in Evanston Illinois and dedicated his mind, body, heart and soul to the Lord God Jesus Christ for the fullfillment and glorification of His energy, light, truth and love in our world. After this dedication by the Lighthouse I took him to the Sheil Catholic Center - my wife is Catholic - where I took him to the alter to dedicate him once again in honor of the Lord God Jesus Christ. This was done in correspondence with what Edith Fagerstrom did to her little son, Dean, then 19 days old in the year 1932. Justus Dean Fagerstrom is the Founder of The Center of Sacred Studies which is the manifested "effect" of the Anglion Society in Heaven and Earth from which this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences flows from.

The Gross Point Lighthouse here in Evanston became a National Landmark on July 18, 1999 which was one (1) plus 23 "I Am" days from the Divine Birth Total solar eclipse of the sun, August 11, 1999 which was followed by the sign of the cross among the planets in our solar system.

I came to Evanston in the "Go Year" of 1976.

1976 = Go (76) X 26

23 "I Am" years from 1976 was the year 1999 when we witnessed the Divine Birth total solar eclipse on August 11th.

If you come to Evanston you will witness that there is an empty block - called "Long Field" which is located immediately west of two extremely important structures: 1) the Gross Point Lighthouse, built in 1873 two years after the Great Chicago Fire; and the Evanston Waterworks, constructed in 1873 as well. Long Field has never ever been built on. The original name of block upon which "Long Field" rests is "Block 89" which corresponds to this "prime of Leo (356)" which we have been exploring above.

The prime of my natural birth, 19580205, is 1999 as follows:

19580205 = 1999 prime X 9795

The end of the last cycle of 1999 prime days since the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ was the end of the 366th cycle which brought us to 19971002 which was "My Crucifixion Date" which corresponds to my 4th birthday, 19620205. I call this "my crucifixion date" since every individual has a "crucifixion day" which is simply 13023 days - the number of days the Lord God Jesus Christ lived from his birth, August 11th in 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7th in 30 AD - from the date of their birth. 19620205 was one (1) day past a very famous celestial eventwhich was called "The Acquarian Alignment":

"On February 4, 1962, the Sun, the Moon, and all the planets from Mercury to Saturn were clustered within a 17-degree area of the sky. To top it off there was a total eclipse of the Sun!" - see below for more notes.

As the article below notes:

"History shows that planetary alignments are harmless. In fact, alignments like the one in 1962 and in 2000 are fairly common. The five naked-eye planets cluster together in the sky within a circle 25 degrees or less in diameter once every 57 years, on average. The next time it will happen is September 8, 2040. The 2040 grouping will include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the crescent Moon. Clustered well to the east of the Sun, the planets will stage a spectacular show at 7:30 p.m. in the evening. (Mark your calendar now!)"

Let's calculate the conjunctive prime number that explains-describes the correspondence between the next BIG celestial alignment on 20400908 with the Taurian Alignment of 20000505:

20400908 - 20000505 = 14736 = 307 prime X 48

307 prime is one (1) from 308 which corresponds to 3/08, March 8th which corresponds to a "Jesus Divine Birth Foundation Day" as follows:

20010308 + Jesus (15131) prime days = 20420811 the Divine Birthdate of the Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 2042.

Now let's examine the prime of 307 relative to the the famous Taurian Alignment of May 5, 2000 - 20000505 - as follows:

20000505 + 307 prime days = 20010308

On this date, 20010308, my wife, Maribeth and I - along with another friend from her work - were at the grotto on the ground of Caritas of Birmingham - where there have been several sightings of the blessed Vigin Mary, mother of the Lord God - praying to the blessed Virgin Mary. On that day/date I was not exposed to this Divine Science of numerical correspondences. My daily journals had been filling up with numbers, equations, etc. but there was no core basis from which I could determine where these thoughts and energies were coming from.

23 "I Am" days later on 20010328 - a day which I call "Helen Keller Day" - everything began to come into focus for I was called to go to my local used bookseller and - almost like I knew exactly what I was going to do - reached for a book off the shelf entitled "My Religion" by Helen Keller. This is the book that introduced me to the life, works and writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). The very next day I went on the internet and looked up swedenborg.com and had a wonderful conversation with "Estelle", the lady in their customer service dept. After I talked about some of the numbers that seemed to correspond - ie. ring - on their website, Estelle didn't waste much time in bringing up how I should contact an elderly gentleman in upstate New York who's been doing research with numbers for the past 30+ years.

On that same day, March 29, 2001, I called J. Dean Fagerstrom and we hit it off immediately. The hand finally fit with glove and in short order I began to enter into this program of training directly with Dean over the phone and then later across the internet on the workings of this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences.

March 29, 2001 happened to also be the 229th anniversary of the passing/ascension of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). One could also say that 20010329 was day one (1) of the 230th anniversary of his passing/ascension and 230 = "I Am" 23 prime X 10. 20010329 was one (1) day from 23 "I Am" days from our experience on 20010308 on the "Jesus Foundation Day" at the grotto in honor of the blessed Virgin Mary, earthly mother of the Lord God Jesus Christ.

When I finally met J. Dean Fagerstrom the date was 20010621, the brightest and longest day in the northern hemisphere. My son, Frederick IV, and I were coming back from Finland - a country which, like Greece and the entire continent of Sftirce, site of the most ancient church - is bisected by the 23rd "I Am" longitude. We arrived at Newark airport on June 20th and found our day to Elmsford New York where there was a Ramada Inn where we spent the bettern part of the entire next day with Dean and another friend who drove up from Potomac Maryland to be a witness.

My age on 20010621 was 15842 which is 89 "prime of Leo (356)" X 89 X 2 days.

June 21st, 6/21 (621) is also 23 "I Am" X 27.

June 21, 6/21 (621) also corresponds to my initials FKS (621).

I have come to call the day I met J. Dean Fagerstrom, 20010621, as "Anglion Day" for on that date not only did I meet Dean, but I received a copy of his monumental 1500+ page unpublished masterpiece, The Book Of Anglion (TBA) which contains all the mathematical explanations and records about the Divine Design as it relates to the Divine Birth, August 11, 6 BC and everything else in existence.

Finally, the Leo (356)th day from/including 20010621
brought us to 20020611 which is the foundation day which, if you add 13023 - the number of days that the Lord God Jesus Christ lived from August 11, 6 BC until he was crucified on April 7, 30 AD - brings us to 20380205 which will my 80th birthday.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much. I am sharing this as part of the public record so that others can receive, share and celebrate the same for we are ALL connected to the same unfied Divine Design of the Lord God Jesus Christ!!

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois


March 30, 2000 -- Next Thursday, April 6, three planets and the thin crescent Moon are going to put on a memorable sky show when the quartet converge inside a circle just 9 degrees across.

"It's going to be beautiful," says Vince Huegele, a researcher at the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center. "And best of all, you won't need a telescope to see it, just your naked eye."

Right: Duane Hilton's rendering of the April 6 planetary get-together as seen above Bryce Canyon in Utah.

To admire the display, simply go outside after dinner on April 6 and look toward the southwest sky. Around 8 p.m. local daylight savings time the slender crescent moon will be easy to spot about 30 degrees above the horizon. The brightest nearby "star" will be Jupiter. At magnitude -2.1, the giant planet is 8 times brighter than Saturn, which glows pale yellow less than 3 degrees west of the Moon. Mars will lie a scant 1.1 degrees north of Jupiter. The red planet (magnitude 1.4) will be about 3 times fainter than Saturn (magnitude 0.3).

Although the planets and our Moon will appear to be close together, there's no danger of a collision. While the Moon is only 384,000 km away from us this week, Mars is 349 million km away; Jupiter is 875 million km away; and Saturn is a whopping 1493 million km distant. When it comes to the sky, appearances can be deceiving!

Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will appear to be even closer together on April 15 when the three will fit inside a circle less than 5 degrees across. That's the most compact grouping of any 3 planets for the entire year. Nevertheless, the display on April 6 will be more beautiful thanks to the delicate crescent Moon as it passes by the trio.

But wait, there's even more: Cradled in the arms of the crescent Moon will appear the ghostly outline of the full Moon, a dim glow that astronomers call "Earthshine." Like all the planets we see in the night sky, the Moon shines because of reflected sunlight. The side of the Moon facing the sun shines brightly, and the side facing away is nearly dark. The only significant illumination on the "dark side of the Moon" is due to Earthshine -- sunlight that bounces off the Earth and falls on the lunar surface. A slender crescent Moon with Earthshine is widely regarded as one of the most delicate and beautiful sights in the night sky. It will be difficult to see from urban areas, but should be easy to view from dark sky locations.

When Planets Align (or "Taking Nostradamus to School")

The April 6 grouping of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn is just the prelude to a grander alignment on May 5, 2000. On that date, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all converge in an area of the sky less than 25 degrees across. Unfortunately, the spectacle will be lost in the glare of the Sun, which will be right in the middle of this planetary get-together!

Although the May 5 alignment won't produce a visible sky show, some people are touting the event. Why? According to doomsayers, the alignment will cause earthquakes, floods, and maybe even split our planet in two like a meat cleaver through a head of lettuce! In all fairness that sounds like an event to note on your calendar.

If these sensational claims sound familiar, it probably means you were alive 38 years ago when there was a similar celestial alignment. On February 4, 1962, the Sun, the Moon, and all the planets from Mercury to Saturn were clustered within a 17-degree area of the sky. To top it off there was a total eclipse of the Sun! Doom seemed certain to many astrologers and students of Nostradamus.

In the May 1962 issue of the Griffith Observer, astronomer Robert Richardson described the scene in Los Angeles on February 4, 1962:

Weeks beforehand we began getting inquiries [at the Griffith Observatory] from people wanting to know, "What was going to happen? What does it mean?" ... Sunday, February 4 [the crowd at the Observatory] must have been the largest since it was opened to the public in 1935. By two o'clock the road leading to and from the observatory was a solid mass of cars lined up bumper-to-bumper for half a mile. One woman was weeping so badly it was hard to understand her. She was practically on the verge of collapse. "I know it's silly to carry on this way,' she gasped between sobs, 'but I can't help myself." [ref]

Fortunately, nothing happened. There were no severe earthquakes, no devastating floods, no mass destruction. With no planet-wide disaster to spoil the day, millions of onlookers enjoyed the solar eclipse.

History shows that planetary alignments are harmless. In fact, alignments like the one in 1962 and in 2000 are fairly common. The five naked-eye planets cluster together in the sky within a circle 25 degrees or less in diameter once every 57 years, on average. The next time it will happen is September 8, 2040. The 2040 grouping will include Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the crescent Moon. Clustered well to the east of the Sun, the planets will stage a spectacular show at 7:30 p.m. in the evening. (Mark your calendar now!)

Friday, January 09, 2004

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The Bush Hitler Thing

by Gerald Nelson

For those who say, "no way," had better read this. Wake up, America!--GN]

"......So why, now, when I hear GWB's speeches, do I think of Hitler? Why have I drawn a parallel between the Nazis and the present administration? Just one small reason -the phrase 'Never forget'. Never let this happen again. It is better to question our government - because it really can happen here - than to ignore the possibility.
So far, I've seen nothing to eliminate the possibility that Bush is on the same course as Hitler. And I've seen far too many analogies to dismiss the possibility. The propaganda. The lies. The rhetoric. The nationalism. The flag waving. The pretext of 'preventive war'. The flaunting of international law and international standards of justice. The disappearances of 'undesirable' aliens. The threats against protesters. The invasion of a non-threatening sovereign nation. The occupation of a hostile country. The promises of prosperity and security. The spying on ordinary citizens. The incitement to spy on one's neighbors - and report them to the government. The arrogant triumphant pride in military conquest. The honoring of soldiers. The tributes to 'fallen warriors. The diversion of money to the military. The demonization of government appointed 'enemies'. The establishment of 'Homeland Security'. The dehumanization of 'foreigners'. The total lack of interest in the victims of government policy. The incarceration of the poor and mentally ill. The growing prosperity from military ventures. The illusion of 'goodness' and primacy. The new einsatzgrupen forces. Assassination teams. Closed extralegal internment camps. The militarization of domestic police. Media blackout of non-approved issues. Blacklisting of protesters - including the no-fly lists and photographing dissenters at rallies. ....."


I voted for Bush, but I, too, am appauled at what I see happening to our country. I will always look for what is good and true in every individual, but this systemic evil I see devolving all around us seems to have transcended even the individual. Bush the individual cannot hold a candle to the institutionalization of evil I see coiling tighter and tighter.

The good news is that this coiled institutionalization of evil is the direct result of the world receiving more and more of the energy, light, truth and love of god. The more light of goodness and truth that shines the less darkness there is the more competition for the fewer areas of darkness will be the natural result. Hence, this final pervertion-inversion of larger and more dynamic manifestations of evil will continue to reveal themselves.

I have said since 911 that President Bush will probably be the last President of this country as we have mistakenly come to know it.

President Bush is #43 which corresponds to:

The (285) Lamb (3142) of (66) God (764) = 4257 = 43 prime X 99

President Bush's father was # 41 which corresponds to John 8:12:

I (9) Am (14) the (285) light (39782) of (66) the (285) world (56934) = 97375 = 41 prime X 2375

President Bush #41 became President in the Presidential election of 1988 - the "88 Year" = 8 X 11 which mirrors the Divine Birthdate, 8/11, August 11th. 1988 was the 89th year of the 20th century. 89 is the prime of Leo (356) which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August. And in the "89 Year" - the prime of Leo (356) of 1989 the world witnessed "The Wall" of communism falling as the Lion's roar of the truth of The Word was received.

Note that President Bush #41 passed the baton to President Clinton #42 in the "God is On" election year of 1992 as follows:

God (764) is (91) on (65) = 920 = 92 X 10 = 23 prime X 40 - echoing the fact that Presidential cycle #41 was in effect just as 920 begins the "I Am" cycle #41. I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord God's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

Note also that # 41 + # 42 = 83 prime which is the prime of 1992 = 83 prime X 24 - 83 is one more than 82 = 41 prime X 1 and 24 is one more than 23 "I Am" prime. The end of the 22nd - hence, the beginning of the 23rd "I Am" cycle - of 83 prime days always completes a 5 year cycle in our calendar.

The good news is that 1993 ushered in a new cycle which would find a core inner balance in the prevailing strom of darkness which seem to ravage the Presidency and our nation under Clinton. For 1993 is a prime number that corresponds to:

The (285) Word (5694) = 5979 = 1993 prime X 3

In the prime year of 1999 - the third such prime year in the 1990's - 1993, 1997 and 1999 - revealed the confirmation of the Divine Birth, August 11th when a Total Solar Eclipse of the sun was witnessed across a swath of the earth's surface passing just north of the Holy Land. This Total Solar Eclipse of the sun was immediately followed by an extremely rare sign of the Grand Cross among the planets in our solar system. 1999 prime is the prime of my natural birthdate: 19580205 = 1999 prime X 9795.

The end of the 367th cycle of 1999 prime since August 11th, 6 BC the birth of the Lord God Jesus Christ was 20030324 which was 89 prime days from Christmas 2002. 89 is the prime of Leo (356) which, again, is the astrological sign for the divine birthmonth of August. The Leo (356) day is always the advent of Winter and the Winter Solstice and the expansion of sunlight to longer days. This corresponds to the advent of the Fourth Era, the Age of Pisces which encompassed the Old Christian Era from April 9, 30 AD 2 days after the crucifixion, 4/7, on the resurrection and glorification of the Lord God Jesus Christ. 367 is a prime number which is also the Lord God Jesus Christ's Cumulative Numerical Designator based on his 1) natural birthdate, 60811, 6 BC August 11; 2) spiritual birthdate, 10811, Year 1 August 11; and celestial birthdate, 360409, corrected year 36 AD April 9th.

Perhaps the United States of America is being sacrificed to this turmoil of inner and outer institutionalized injustice and evil to reveal and redeem the glory of the Lord God Jesus Christ's divine order and providence in our world.

Peace and God Bless,


Thursday, January 08, 2004

Sad Day in Texas?

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The fraud, deceit and corruption that attended to Dick Simkanin's lynching
should be welcomed for what it is: THE catalyst which should bring everyone,
everywhere and everything together as ONE (1) cohesive force which, like a laser,
will DEMAND a full and fair accounting for the injustice We The People have

True catalysts are part of the Divine Providence of our Almighty Creator. A
spark of holy light has been received in the darkness of this cold night of
injustice in America. It's high time We The People gather together around the
warm fires of justice and begin in earnest declaring, proclaiming and acting
from the unconditional energy, light, truth and love that the Lord God gives to
us to freely share with others from day to day.

This should be a glorious day in the Heavens!! A clarion call to justice to
end this slavery once and for all has been received. To some observers, Dick
Simkanin's trial may look like a forlorn donkey packing tattered claims of
justice which have gone un-notice. Do not fall for this image. For as humble
and abused as he has been, Dick Simkanin is riding a white horse of justice in
the eyes of ALL who see through the measures prisms of the Lord God's justice.

Let there be no mistake: the Lord God is in complete control of these
proceedings. We must all hold our heads very high. For the record of justice is
written humbly and painstakingly by the actions of individuals who see and
manifest the vision of observing, recording and confronting injustice in any and all
forms from every direction high and low.

The train of justice is still rolling!! The road is heading higher and
higher and momentum is building!!

Do NOT lose faith!

For I, too, Have a Dream!!

And We The People "Have a Dream!!"

And please pray for Dick Simkanin and his family.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois



Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Tyranny in Action plus my comments....

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See my comments below:

Tyranny in Action

Date: 1/7/04 9:27:40 PM Central Standard Time
From: jdulaney@nctc.com
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In the trial or Richard Simkinan, going on in Fort Worth, Texas, the jury in deliberation did the following:

The jury has sent the judge another question.

Question: Since no proof has been offered by the government that the defendant's business is required to file under Section 7202, are we to assume that they are not required to file or are we to read all 7000
pages of businesses required to file?

Answer from Judge: I have made a legal determination that during the years in question, Arrow Plastics had a legal duty to collect Social Security, Medicare and FICA and forward those taxes to the U.S.A. and the defendant's business falls into the category of businesses required to file. They should not concern themselves as to the requirement for the defendant's business to file.

The defense objected that this amounted to a directed verdict. The judge overruled the objection.

Here is what Mr. Spooner has to say about the likes of judge McBryde

But for their right to judge of the law, and the justice of the law, juries would be no protection to an accused person, even as to matters of fact; for, if the government can dictate to a jury any law whatever, in a criminal case, it can certainly dictate to them the laws of evidence. That is, it can dictate what evidence is
admissible, and what inadmissible, and also what force or weight is to be given to the evidence admitted. And if the government can thus dictate to a jury the laws of evidence, it can not only make it necessary for them to convict on a partial exhibition of the evidence rightfully pertaining to the case, but it can even require them to convict on any evidence whatever that it pleases to offer them.

That the rights and duties of jurors must necessarily be such as are here claimed for them, will be evident when it is considered what the trial by jury is, and what is its object.

"The trial by jury," then, is a "trial by the country" ---that is by the people as distinguished from a trial the government.

It was anciently called "trial per pais" that is, "trial by the country." And now, in every criminal trial, the jury are told that the accused "has, for trial, put himself upon the country; which country you (the jury) are."

The object of this trial "by the country," or by the people, in preference to a trial by the government, is to guard against every species of oppression by the government. In order to effect this end, it is indispensable that the people, or "the country," judge of and determine their own liberties against the government; instead of the government's judging of and determining its own powers over the people. How is it possible that juries can do anything to protect the liberties of the people against the government; if they are not
allowed to determine what those liberties are?

Any government, that is its own judge of, and determines authoritatively for the people, what are its own powers over the people, is an absolute government of course. It has all the powers that it chooses to exercise. There is no other --- or at least no more accurate --- definition of a despotism than this.
Lysander Spooner - 19th Century lawyer, legal theorist among other things. He had a lot to say about the judiciary and their lust for power.

From one of his books "Trial by Jury";
Of course, this was abolished by the judges around the end of the 19th century. --


Solid proof.

The courts are closed.

According to one observer, the jury said it all:

Question: "Since no proof has been offered by the government that the defendant's business is required to file under Section 7202, are we to assume that they are not required to file or are we to read all 7000 pages of businesses required to file?"

And the judge, claiming the mantle of God - or some Wizard of Oz with the appropriate smoke, fire and fear spreading forth - responded:

"I have made a legal determination that during the years in question, Arrow Plastics had a legal duty to collect Social Security, Medicare and FICA and forward those taxes to the U.S.A. and the defendant's business falls into the category of businesses required to file. They should not concern themselves as to the requirement for the defendant's business to file."

"I have made the legal determination.......???????????"


Show We The People just how you have magically "made" this "legal determination." Judge McBryde needs to now answer to We The People.

"The trial by jury," then, is a "trial by the country" ---that is by the people as distinguished from a trial the government.

It's time for We The People to put this system of tyranny on trial for all the world to see. This should begin by asking Judge McBryde for complete proof as to just how he came up with "the legal determination" that obligates Dick Simkanin and Arrow Plastics to perform a "legal duty" to withhold and collect Social Security, Medicare and FICA and forward those taxes to the U.S.A.

It's also high time to declare a mandate for a totally open and transparent judicial system in which ALL activities can be monitored 24 X 7 with free access for any interested party to records, files, transcripts, audio and video tapes - live on demand in real-time - for all proceedings. Thousands of access channels for individuals all over the world to view firsthand the all proceedings in the light of day in all courtrooms.

The current system is opaque. Everywhere one turns there are divisions, separations, restrictions, exceptions, rules and procedural regulations that have removed it far, far from the light and put a complete stranglehold of control on the creation and dissemination of information and facts. For Judge MyBryde to openly war against the Dick Simkanin's God-given rights by standing on his pedestal and offer up an arrogant personal "determination" of law with zero-nothing evidence to back it up is complete, utter and total outright insanity.

Two previous grand juries failed to return an indictment against Dick Simkanin after he was allowed to testify. So this "system" then convenes another grand jury, but works to prevent Dick from appearing. An indictment was issued. Dick went to trial and the jury returned with a vote 11 in favor of acquittal versus 1 not in favor. The "system" then presses the same grand jury into action - once again preventing Dick from testifying or offering up and evidence to defend himself - and returns a "superseding" indictment which leads to a second trial. The jury is picked under secrecy and is not allowed to in any way come near information or facts that they admitted to Judge McBryde they needed to make a judgment. Dick Simkanin is found guilty at the whim stroke of Judge McBrydes "personal determination" without offering up any proof in law to support his or the government's claim.

The whole picture reeks with fraud, deception and the arrogance of tyranny.

Bottom line, any system of review and oversight should be supported and run by We The People. WE are the government. The system to date has zero-no oversight and regulation from the outside. As such, it has completely run off the moorings of justice. The system has NOT been monitored with any rigorous and ongoing third party oversight from day to day for years and years. Thus, the lack of transparency and openness become the foundation of the fraud, deception, lies that enable and support this tyranny of injustice. This is no different than the self-regulated fraud and deception that has reigned on the floors of the exchanges for years until We The People began asking the same questions for years.

Bottom line, there is no lawful government operating in America. Declarations to this effect must begin in earnest. And We The People must gather together in the light of this New Day that is dawning and discuss these issues in a positive light that will transcend and overcome any and all divisions, separations and claims that work against this mandate for complete and total transparency and openness.

Steps should be taken to sanction, prosecute and ultimately remove the individuals responsible for destroying Dick Simkanin's rights, business and life.


Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois

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Entire Docket File Record of USA v. Simkanin

4:03-cr-00188 USA v. Simkanin
Date filed: 06/19/2003

Click here for the entire history

Special thanks to Ken Evans for providing this page link-record.

June 19th (619) corresponds to:

"The Word of God"

The (285) Word (5694) of (66) God (764) = 6809 = 619 prime X 11

June 19th is THE most famous day in Swedenborgian spiritual theology.

And, if you remove the conjunctive two zeros, the year 2003 corresponds to 23 prime which equates to I (9) Am) = 23 - the original name and title the Lord God gave to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

Peace and God Bless,


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My Total Support is with WTP and Doug Kenline!!

I just sent this out to the net.


Date: 1/6/04 11:03:12 AM Central Standard Time
From: FKSmart
To: PLANETNEWS, WTPChristian@yahoogroups.com, People_for_better_government@yahoogroups.com, coordinators@us.wtpcongress.us, apfn-1@yahoogroups.com, legality-of-income-tax@yahoogroups.com, CCCC-USA@yahoogroups.com, nite-org@yahoogroups.com


I got a call this morning from Arlene in Arizona who expressed dismay at Doug Kenline's sour attitude. She said that Doug had been rebuked by Charlie Beall while reporting on and supporting Dick at the his trial in Ft. Worth Texas.

While I've never met Charlie Beall, I do know he's been a strong financial supporter of Bob Schulz and We The People Foundation. I will not fall into the trap of judging him or anyone, but what I will say is that the energy and support Doug Kenline has provided this movement over the past 1-2 years via his example of 10,000%+ transparent communication is THE model for the future of our Republic.

As Emanuel Swedenborg wrote in the last FIVE (5) words in his 1758 masterpiece, Heaven and Hell - swedenborg.com - "All truth is in the light." In essence what this means is that "the truth" is NOT conditional - ie. it cannot be claimed, blamed, shamed or controlled by any one of us for the source of ALL truth is our Almighty Creator who governs the balance between good and evil so that We The People can have freedom.

When we strive to overcome the issues that divide and separate us from one another and begin to look at the BIG picture We The People will understand that everything, everyone, everywhere and all ALL times is connected to the same ONE (1) end which is our Lord God and savior, the Almighty Creator of the universe.

I'd admire freedom!! The more free we are to express ourselves openly, transparently with respect and acceptance of each other the more "the truth" - ie. this unconditional energy, light, truth and love from God - will manifest in our wonderful world. I admire the example of openness, humility and servanthood which Doug Kenline has shared with We The People. He's proven that he strives to be a servant, not a master-ruler over/of others. And while I have not listened to his many audioblogs - since the soundcards on both of my PCs don't work - I know he's probably very down and out and ready to hang it all up.

My plea to Doug Kenline is simple:




As for Bob Schulz and Charlie Beall and others down there in Fort Worth, I am sure they are seeking to button up this representation from We The People in a way that serves a purpose which they have been guided by the Lord God to channel in this great endeavor. My respect and support for them continues just like my respect and support for Doug Kenline continues. You see We The People need everyone to rise above and transcend all these various dark foxholes of divisions, claims and fears that continue to divide us,. thus preventing the free-flowing reception, sharing and celebration of Divine Truth in our world.

So that's my note of positive encouragement to one and all. My prayers remain with Dick Simkanin and his family. And as my late grandfather, "Poppy" from Montana used to say each morning "it's GREAT to be alive!!"

So cheer up Doug!! Get behind this Gene Chapman!! Rise above and get into the middle of this great and mighty RIVER OF LIFE that connects everyone and everything with everyone and everything!! As Rose Lear says "We The People have to understand that we ARE the People!!" We are all unique and we are all different, but this uniqueness and these differences should be supported for the good of the larger whole vision as we move closer toward truth.

Peace and God Bless,

Fred Smart
Evanston, Illinois


Subj: Gene Chapman Withdraws From WTP
Date: 1/6/04 8:57:41 AM Central Standard Time
BCC: FKSmart

Back in the early 90's, I was privileged to serve on a board of directors with Dr. Jack Hyles, pastor of the renown First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. With a high Sunday School attendance record of 118,000 and a membership of about 600,000, the church was known during Dr. Hyles' lifetime as having the "Largest Sunday School In The World." Dr. Hyles motto for the church was: "We Use Our Work To Build Our People, Not Our People To Build Our Work."

What I see at We The People is "We The Bob and Charlie." It appears to me to be a use of We The People of The United States for the purposes of a few elitist. Try to express an opposing opinion. You will be luck to even talk to somebody and get a reply.

It is a 501c3 organization, has no elected leadership and promotes itself to be a guardian of the Constitution. And now our reporter to posterity has been rebuked by Charlie Beall for do what? Reporting History? I'm glad we didn't put a WTP banner on my motor home there in Ft. Worth. I might be holding the title to a "proprietary" WTP motor home.

Watch out folks: When structure is not perfect within the biblical example, man will go in new directions that take freedoms from mankind. I am withdrawing my support for and association with WTP leadership (not the people, just the leadership), as I feel this organization has no future in a freedom-loving effort such as ours.

Gene Chapman

Monday, January 05, 2004

Who Was that Fat Lady?

by Edgar J. Steele

January 5, 2004

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards."
-- Claire Wolfe, "101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution" (1999)

"They have treated me and others like me with utter contempt. They have confiscated our property and put people in maximum-security prisons over ownership of fender washers, claiming they were unassembled silencer parts. ... They have shot a man's wife in the head because his gun's buttstock was too short. ... They burned 90 people alive over a disputed two hundred dollar tax."
-- John Ross, "Unintended Consequences" (1996)

"It ain't over until the fat lady sings."
-- Old Southern American saying (concerning church service)

"It ain't over 'til it's over."
-- Yogi Berra (1973)

It's over.

The fat lady has sung.

Elvis has left the building.

The great American experiment finally fizzled on December 1, 2003, when the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from a 9th Federal Circuit decision which gutted the Second Amendment. It was a nice run - over two hundred years - but all good things must end...I guess...at least, that's what they say.

We all know how saying nothing sometimes can be among the most profound of statements. Ask any husband.

Nowhere is silence so profound as when offered by the Supremes. And, never has their silence been so overwhelming as on December 1, 2003. That's when the US Supreme Court issued its ruling, refusing to hear an appeal in the case of Silveira vs. Lockyer. That made Silveira the law of the land, you see.

Here's the background, briefly: California's legislatively-crafted "assault weapon" ban was stronger than the national ban. Both bans essentially outlaw any rifle that looks like it means business, regardless of capability -- I kid you not, cosmetics really is the upshot of these bans.

Silveira sued in a losing attempt to overturn the more-stringent California ban. Silveira unsuccessfully appealed up through the legal system to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Next stop: US Supreme Court, which now has "denied cert," which means it allows the ruling below to stand.

Here's the real kicker, though. Silveira doesn't just nationalize the California definition of assault weapon. In Silveira, the 9th Circuit Court made the following pronouncement: there is no individual right to bear arms contained within the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

That means that no American citizen, since December 1, 2003, has a fundamental right to possess a firearm.

You heard me right. You no longer have a right to own a gun.

Mind you, here is the Second Amendment, in full: "A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Not just some people, but the people. You and me, in other words.

And it's a fundamental (God-given) right, therefore the government can't mess around with it...ever. "Unalienable rights," was how the Declaration of Independence described these fundamental rights. Unless we let it. We just did, by tolerating this sort of behavior from our government.

Mind you, the Ninth Circuit Court's judges didn't just come out and say you don't have a right to a gun. They did it in legalese: they merely "affirmed" a prior decision of their own, in which they said as much.

So, the US Supremes affirm the ruling of a lesser court (by silence, thereby making it the law of America, nonetheless, because contrary rulings from other jurisdictions will not be tolerated), which affirmed its own prior ruling, which says you have no right to own a gun.

Like thieves in the night, with stealth, the black-robed dictators steal your rights.

All this silence and misdirection clearly tells you how they feel about what it is they are doing. Yet, they go ahead and do it anyway. And the average American is too stupefied to know any better...or, worse, care. No, it does get worse: many who care and understand actually applaud this result.

The ground now has been set for blanket bans and confiscation. What? Cold, dead fingers, you say? Yeah, sure. When martial law is declared, hardly anybody will resist.

What? Martial law never will be declared in America, you say? Yeah, right. Just wait until the next Reichstag Fire....er....terrorist event which occurs on US soil. The smart money is betting that happens within a month or two, by the way.

Some will ask, "What's the big deal, anyway? Guns are no match for government munitions these days, anyway. Guns really are good only for hunting. Who needs hunting, with the Safeway just down the street?"

Here's my response, which echoes that of America's founding fathers: The Second Amendment's guarantee of the individual's right to bear arms actually comprises the teeth of the Constitution; what enables us to enforce the provisions of the Constitution against an out-of-control government.

"Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..." Sound familiar? It should. It is from the second paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence.

Furthermore, small arms are scarcely outmoded. One need look only to the debacle occurring in Iraq at this moment for the proof of that statement.

And as for the Safeway? America's supply line is about 3 days long - no more, certainly. In a crunch, you can bet that all the publicly-available food will disappear overnight...into government hands, for consumption exclusively by "our leaders." Safely tucked away in all those nice, little underground shelters they built for themselves with our tax money in recent years.

Does the current system of elections in America constitute "Consent of the Governed?" Scarcely. Hardly anybody votes these days, it seems. We realize that any candidate allowed to run for office already has been vetted by the real powers that be. You think Howard Dean will be any different from Bush II? Really? Nobody who could make a difference will make a difference because such a person is not allowed to run for office...at any level.

I recently had a list member write to tell me, "Your legal talent is wasted on commentary. We suffer not from a lack of commentary. We suffer from a lack of lawyers who will file lawsuits on behalf of pro-white candidates/activists. One of the root causes for this is because the better educated, more affluent pro-white lawyers while sympathetic don't respect those who need legal help. It's a class thing." I disagree. What is pointless is the filing of lawsuits; the attempt to work within the system. The system is broken...irretrievably.

In fact, precisely what now is needed is commentary to awaken our fellow Americans to the tyranny growing in America.

The single best piece of commentary I have seen on the Silveira case is by another lawyer: "Reflections Upon the U.S. Supreme Court's Rejection of Silveira" by Peter J. Mancus. (http://www.keepandbeararms.com/Mancus/silveira.asp) His is a passionate and brilliant, albeit lengthy, article worthy of your time. Among Mr. Mancus' observations:

"What value is the 'right to petition to redress grievances' or to file a lawsuit (which is a form of the right to petition government for a redress of a legitimate grievance) when the petition or lawsuit or both crashes into the solid legal wall of government immunity or the government refuses to hear the petition (lawsuit) or refuses to take it seriously or refuses to apply the applicable law correctly? That is what happened with Silveira at the Federal 9th Circuit...

"How viable is the 'right of self-defense' if you must first beg government’s permission to defend your life with a gun, when government thinks it has the power to withhold its permission, with immunity, and to criminally prosecute you if it catches you packing a gun without its permission?...

"(T)he entire purpose of the U.S. Bill of Rights was to take away government’s unfettered discretion, but, guess what, government now claims it has that very discretion that the Framers intended to deny to government, and, to exacerbate matters, government now hides behind its immunities when it commits wrongdoing, and, still worse, it has the gall to accuse citizens of hiding behind their rights and being “gun nuts” or worse when they refuse to go along to get along...

"We are on an increasingly steeper slope toward a free fall into tyranny. The U.S. Supreme Court’s rejection of Silveira made that slope steeper—much steeper. That fact is simply not appreciated by some...

"I am afraid that a violent confrontation with our own Government(s) looms ahead...

"We are in a downward spiral toward some flashpoint where a hardcore of no-nonsense “no more” constitutionalists will press the issue and not submit to perceived, insufferable oppression...

"I know 'the gun solution' (political assassination, open rebellion, etc.) is fraught with peril and inadequate and morally complex and legally illegal. But, what is left? When we peacefully claim our birthrights, peacefully pursue a lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court and are stiff-armed while we point to what is written in the Constitution, we are mocked, scorned, ridiculed, rebuffed, ignored, dismissed, and rejected...

"(I)t is not about guns. It never was about guns. It is really about this: 1) liberty; 2) ordinary citizens retaining a legally enforceable right to retain the most efficient, pragmatic means to enforce the rest of their rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution—privately owned, registered or unregistered, firearms; 3) holding government accountable; 4) keeping government from indefinitely blowing through Constitutional red lights, violating the Constitution’s commands; 5) forcing government to wear its Constitutional collar, connected to a Constitutional chain, staked firmly into the bedrock of Constitutional law.

"Now, when government slips that Constitutional collar and refuses to put it back on and wear it compliantly and honor the Constitution’s commands, with the judiciary’s blessings, what then?

"How does one make a snarly, robust, active, gargantuan government wear a collar it does not want to wear? How does one get close to the beast’s teeth and claws to put on that collar and survive?...

"Before Silveira and now with Silveira, the peaceful, legal way was tried...It failed because the Black Robes and the system failed...

"Currently, the United States is not led, run, nor operated per its own Constitution’s rules and commands. Our governments are out of control, and we, the People, have lost control of our own governments...

"When Governments succeed in manipulating us to focus on, and to chose between, Security versus Liberty, they win. They win because the instant we choose either, we forfeit the other, and we will inevitably lose what we chose. We especially lose when we choose Security. That choice makes us too dependent on Governments to protect us. Governments cannot protect us in all ways at all times. Governments can, and do, however, use this issue to manipulate us against ourselves, to surrender more Liberty so it can increase its powers over us and tie us down with its chains rather than we tie it down with the Constitution’s chains..."

Keep in mind that Mr. Mancus, like myself, is a lawyer. He well appreciates what he dare not say aloud concerning judges and our government, on pain of being disbarred. Outspoken as are both he and I, still we are incapable of advocating things that you might legally advocate.

It is not yet illegal to bury weapons, so I can in all seriousness advise you to bury those you previously acquired "off paper," via private sales. Do it properly, with ammunition and in well-sealed, watertight containers. Be innovative and bury them where metal detectors will not ferret them out. Keep a couple, the ones for which the dealer ran background checks, to hand to the nice soldiers who inevitably will come to your door, gun registration lists in hand. At that point, it will be illegal for me to tell you to withhold any guns from the government, so the guns you bury today will be an issue only between your conscience and yourself.

Oh...and I don't know who that fat lady was, either. All I know is that, as she left the stage, I saw she was wearing a yarmulke.http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/images/edhead.jpg


"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth."
- Morpheus

Copyright ©2004, Edgar J. Steele

Forward as you wish. Permission is granted to circulate

among private individuals and groups, post on all Internet

sites and publish in full in all not-for-profit publications.

Contact author for all other rights, which are reserved.

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Fred Smart
Chicago, Illinois

Greatness is having never intended it. It is the humility of heart and mind that remains unchanged by public disdain. It is a discovery of something valuable within the deepest source of being, and which fearlessly expresses itself although inconvenient and unfashionable to do so. It is the inspiration of the truth within and yet apart from the individual, and it is the act of knowledge which distinguishes popular acclaim from the profound voice of the soul within which says: Well done, my good and faithful servant. Greatness is the unaided event of the truth because a soul has listened to God rather than to man. It is the integrity of truth which has granted the individual his or her own integrity without supplication or solicitation. It is the transformation from a self-acclaiming and self-blaming person into someone whose only loyalty and allegiance is to the truth itself and for the sake of love. From "The Mission of Anglion" by J. Dean Fagerstrom

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